Why You Shouldn't Follow Your Partner to the Same College

Whether you realize it or not, the college you choose to attend (if you're planning on going to college, that is) can have a huge impact on your life and the direction it takes.

Think about it—you're set to make a whole new set of friends, probably start in a completely new city and make so many new connections—not to mention get a degree that could set you up for your future career. Your life could look completely different five years down the line depending on which school you end up going to, which is why the decision of where you attend should come down to one thing and one thing only: you.

However, we know how tempting it can be when you're still in high school to want to follow the same path as the people you're closest to, especially the person you're dating. If there's one piece of advice that most college students and graduates will tell you, though, is that you should never pick your university based on where your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner chooses to go. But if you need some extra convincing, we've laid out some reasons why it's a bad idea here for you.

1. Because You Still Have So Much Growing/Learning to Do

You know how they say that your brain isn't fully developed until you're in your mid-twenties? Unfortunately, that's kind of true. While that's not to say that the people you meet and the things you do now while you're in your teens won't matter at all in the future or that you "don't know anything" about life (a totally false narrative about teens), it is to say that you still have a lot of growing and changing to do. You'll learn so much in your first few weeks, let alone year, of college that you probably won't realize until long after, and all of that can affect how you think about life in general. With that said, hanging on to a high school relationship by making such a fundamental decision based on your partner means that there's a good chance you're actually just holding yourself back from growing into the person you're meant to be.


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2. Because You're Going to Meet So Many New People

Yes, high school sweethearts exist and they can make their love last a lifetime. However, that's a lot harder in today's world where we have larger circles than ever and can meet people from a world away at any time. Simply thinking logistically, it's hard to think that the person you met in your group of a few people around your age who all came from the same town is going to remain your person once you're in a much larger pool of people. In college, you'll be blown away by all the people you'll meet and all the places they come from and all the different stories and backgrounds and exciting things that make them them. That means that going into it single will allow you a better chance to get to know everyone in a different way.


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3. Because There's a Good Chance You'll Break Up at Some Point Anyway

This is not to make you feel sad or pessimistic at all, it's just a realistic look at high school relationships that only feels harsh at first. As we mentioned earlier, you both have a ton of growing up to do, and all that growth can make you realize that you just want different things in life. You might be better off if you leave things behind in your yearbook years, where you can think of them fondly without feeling like you were ever holding yourself or them back.

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4. Because You Should Be Basing Your Choice Off Of So Many Other Things

From the location to the cost to the majors they offer, there are so many other things to consider when choosing the right college for you. The last thing that should be pushing your decision one way or another should be where your partner wants to attend, especially if it feels like a one-sided decision.


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