Why You Shouldn't Stress About Gaining Weight Over the Holidays

The holidays are coming in fast, which means so are the holiday feasts and activities.

After all, who doesn't love the idea of having a gathering with your friends and family that's pretty much entirely focused on food and appreciating each other's company? But of course, our culture had to put a negative spin on the holidays: the concept of gaining "holiday weight" and needing to lose it as quickly as possible.

There are so many things wrong with this idea, starting with the fact that it's mostly focused on women (though that's not to say that men don't also deal with issues in terms of body image and weight, because they absolutely do). With that said, here's why you absolutely shouldn't stress about gaining weight over the holidays.

Because the Holidays Are About Enjoying Ourselves

In a society where women already have so many impossible standards to live up to—especially when it comes to our appearances—why can't we just relax and enjoy ourselves for once? The holidays are legitimately all about the good times, and a lot of those good times happen to have sugar cookies and pumpkin pies and roasted potatoes and so many other goodies as a part of them. So forget other people's opinions and fill your plate with seconds if that's what you want to do. 

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Because Quality Memories Are Created Around Food

There's a reason we associate so many specific holidays and events in life with food—and that's not exclusive to wedding and birthday cakes. Food is a major part of so many cultures because it's a reason to gather loved ones together, as well as a way to share something that's important in terms of literal nourishment and simply making good memories. After all, you don't want to miss out on tasting your grandma's secret recipe pie that you'll only be able to try for so long just because you were worried about a few extra calories.

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Because It Isn't Good for Your Mental Health

Obsessing over your weight is not a good thing any time of the year, but it can be easier to do so around the holidays when there are so many food-focused events going on. Plus, the idea of New Year's resolutions is constantly drilled into our heads, with one that constantly repeats being people wanting to lose weight. The thing is, weight does not equal health. If you are finding yourself obsessing about it, then you may want to consider speaking to someone about it before the problem gets worse.

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Because It's Your Body and No One Else's

If your aunt that you only see once a year—or anyone else at your holiday gathering table—makes a comment on you looking different in any way that seems negative, just remember that it isn't their place to say. Your body is yours and no one else's, so they don't get a say in how it looks. As long as you feel good in your own skin, nothing else matters.


So, while it may be hard to shake the deeply rooted fear of gaining weight around the holidays, it really is best not to stress. Let loose and enjoy yourself this holiday season—it's safe to say we've all earned it!


With that said, there are plenty of healthy habits out there that have nothing to do with wanting to lose weight. Here are some you can try during the holidays or at any point, all you have to do is click HERE to check them out.