No, You Aren't Missing Out on Anything If You Haven't Had Your First Kiss Yet

As if young women don't have enough pressure placed on us by society already, we still end up putting even more pressure on ourselves by comparing ourselves to others.

This can crop up in a lot of ways, comparing everything from our bodies to our grades and, in this case, our relationships (or lack thereof). When it starts to seem like all of your friends have already had their first kiss, it can feel like you're falling behind in some way. But guess what—that's nothing but a myth! If you haven't had your first kiss yet, you shouldn't feel like you're missing out on anything. Here's why:

You Should Only Do Something When You're Ready

If you feel like you're missing out on something because you haven't been kissed yet, it may feel like this is something that you should just "get out of the way." This is so untrue, mainly because you should never do anything you aren't ready for. Even if all your friends have already had theirs, there's no reason to rush your first kiss simply to join them in this not-so-exclusive club. Plus, you can actually use your friends' experiences to learn from. For example, most people aren't great at kissing right off the bat, so you can take notes on what they say they like and dislike and take that with you when it is time.

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Because Movies and TV Shows Always Get It Wrong Anyway

Yeah, that magical first kiss moment you see in the movies or in all your favorite TV shows? Like most things in the media, it's all fake. For most of us, a first kiss experience is just kind of awkward. That isn't a bad thing, but the idea that we need to have this epic first kiss moment can make the whole thing seem more stressful and more important than it really is. With that said, you certainly aren't missing out on anything if yours hasn't happened yet.

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It Will Happen Eventually (If and When You Want It To)

When we're young, everything feels so much more stressful than it has to. In reality, there's no reason to rush—we have so much time to get through major life moments, and nothing happens on an exact schedule. Just like it can feel like we'll be single forever or that the class you're in is going to last forever, what you're waiting for will happen eventually no matter how bad it feels during the wait. So it doesn't matter if you haven't had your first kiss at 15, or 19, or 25—what matters is that you're happy with your life and that you stuck true to yourself.

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With that said, preparation might make you feel a little bit better. So, if you still need some help, try clicking HERE to read these seven things about kissing someone for the first time.