Wild Heart Music Video By The Vamps Now Live!

U.K. heartthrobs The Vamps star in a new music video for their upcoming single "Wild Heart"! The video and track are sure to be instant favorites with old fans, and win over a lot of new ones!

In the new video, Bradley, Connor, Tristan and James of The Vamps roam the desert in their tour bus, picking up hitchhikers along the way to join them in an awesome jam on the bus!

The band performs with their new swarm of fans next to a roadside motel, and even gets a tagalong convertible following them when the bus fills up!

For U.K. fans, the single will be available on January 19! What do you think?

Check out our recent interview with the band here, and if you love the band, be sure to check out their social pages and join us at Sweety High!