Everything You Need to Know About Bunk'd Star Will Buie Jr.

Will Buie Jr. has been part of the Disney Channel's star-studded Bunk'd cast since the show's third season, and we honestly couldn't imagine the show without his character—the fearless and adventure-loving Finn Sawyer—in the mix.

And with Season 5 of Bunk'launching this Friday, Jan. 15, we couldn't be more excited. Will is everything a Man Crush Monday is made of, which is why we dug deep and found out all about him this week.

Will Buie Jr Man Crush Monday

(via @willbuiejr)

Name: William Bradford Buie Jr.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Birthday: March 25

Zodiac sign: Aries

1. If he could only shop for clothes at one place, Will would pick Nordstrom.

"They have everything!"

-Will Buie Jr.

2. A Dog's Purpose always makes him cry.

3. Unlike a lot of other people, Will loves black licorice.

4. When he was little, Will was scared of riding in boats.

"I've been working on it, and think I'm over it now."

-Will Buie Jr.

5. He's pretty knowledgeable about cars. In fact, that knowledge is his favorite thing about himself.

6. He seriously can't stop watching TikTok on his phone.

7. Will's the guy to go to when you're researching a car to buy.

"I love helping people pick the best car for them based on their budget, preferences and needs."

-Will Buie Jr.

8. Besides his parents and his sister, Kaitlyn, he says he's closer to his best friend Scarlett Estevez than anyone else.

"We have so much in common, we talk all the time and we really get each other."

-Will Buie Jr.

9. He used to collect Hot Wheels and other small toy cars.

10. If he weren't an actor, he'd love to be a professional car reviewer, whether that's for a company or on his own, like YouTuber Doug DeMuro.

11. When Will was 7, he found out he has dyslexia.

"This is a learning challenge that makes reading and recalling facts difficult. I want fans to know, especially fans that might have a learning challenge, that they need to stay positive and work hard to overcome their challenge. I, too, have to work a little harder than others. I want kids out there who might be struggling to know that I, too, have struggled with confidence at school and in communications. I hope everyone out there loves themselves for who they are, and others for who they are. Lots of people are struggling and they are not alone. We need to not judge others—just love others so we don't cause people to feel bad about themselves."

-Will Buie Jr.


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