These WILLOW Lyrics Make Amazing Instagram Captions

WILLOW, daughter of Will and Jada Smith, is so much more than her birthright.

She's made a name for herself in the music industry, and with her unique, authentic sound never failing to inspire us, we find ourselves searching for her music on Spotify all of the time. Plus, she's set to perform at Coachella in 2023! If you can relate, why not show off your love for the star? The next time you plan on posting on Instagram, use one of these Willow lyrics as your next caption.

For when you're dancing the night away:

"I left my consciousness in the sixth dimension. Left my soul in his vision."

-"Wait a Minute!"


For that photo of you shopping:

"Maybe I could pretend like money grows on trees. But it does and that's the funny thing."

-"Not So Different"


For when you and your bestie are posing for the camera:

"My hugs are warm and my words are colder."



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For that picture of you and your S.O.:

"Ice in our veins. Love in our still hearts."

-"Marceline PT.2"


For when you're with your favorite person in the world:

"You make me feel like a cloud of H20."



For when you're on an amazing date:

"I'm running around feeling crazy. But I know it's just because you called me 'baby'."

-"Little Shard"


For that pic of you showing off your new sunnies:

"I'm lost in the light."



For when you're in the car with your besties:

"We caught a vibe. Baby, are you coming for the ride?"

-"Meet Me At Our Spot"


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For that mirror selfie:

"I could show you euphoria and you wouldn't even know."

-"F Q-C #8"


For when you're single and loving it:

"I'm not an investment, you have no control over me."

-"Not So Different"


For that photo of you hugging the love of your life:

"I'll be the moon to your high tide."

-"hover like a GODDESS"


For when you're in the post-breakup blues:

"Is love just torment?"



For that pic of you post-workout:

"Cheeks get redder. There's nothing better."



For when you're vegging out on the couch:

"We're living in a fantasy, babe it's all a dream."

-"UR Town"


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For that picture of you doing something you love:

"I'm going to ascension, baby you cannot stop me."



For when you're going through it:

"Life's a movie and it sucks, but I can't stop watching."



For that photo of you and your person going through life:

"Holding hands while the world burns down around us."



For when you're over drama:

"I might may be crazy or this world is shady."

-"Lonely Road"


For that beautiful bouquet of flowers:

"Hate people, I just talk to flowers."



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