Willow Shields Stars as Primrose In Catching Fire!

Willow Shields made her big screen debut in The Hunger Games as Katniss' younger sister, Primose Everdeen, and later this week she's returning in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!Willow Shields

We spoke with Willow about what it was like to star in the film adaptations of such a beloved book series, and about what fans can expect from the new film!

Willow happened to be in the middle of reading the first Hunger Games novel when she got the audition to play Primrose Everdeen in the film.

"My sister and I were both reading it," Willow said. "It was such a strange coincidence, to be reading the book and get the audition at the same time. I doubt that will ever happen again!"

Once she finished the first book, she voraciously went on to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

"After book one, I just kept on reading," she said. "I love Suzanne Collins and all her books! I had even read her Underland series when I was younger. I am a huge fan!"

In the Hunger Games sequel, Willow Shields got a chance to be a more prominent character as Primrose's role grows in the film.

"There is some more screen time in Catching Fire and that was really exciting," Willow said. "Prim is growing up and changing a lot and that is fun to try and portray.  She is an exciting character to me because she grows and changes so much throughout the series."

In Catching Fire, Prim has begun practicing medicine with her mother, and is becoming an excellent healer.

"I also think Prim is not really a scared child anymore," she said. "She has more wisdom than a lot of kids her age because of all she has gone through."

Since the first film, Primrose and Katniss have also grown even closer as sisters.

"She and Katniss are still really tight and rely on each other," Willow explained. "She will continue to grow and become stronger throughout the series. I can't wait to continue going through it all with her."

Willow told us she was super intimidated during the filming of her first Hunger Games movie, but this time around she wasn't quite as nervous because she had become so familiar with the rest of the cast.

"Being around Jennifer and the whole cast felt much more comfortable and being back in District 12 was like coming home again," Willow said. "We had a new director this time so I was looking forward to meeting Francis Lawrence. He was amazing to work with too."

In the new film, Katniss and Peeta find themselves back in the arena to fight in the 75th Hunger Games, Willow explained.

"24 victors from previous years will be forced to compete again, because this is the Quarter Quell, which happens every 25 years," she said.

The Quarter Quell is an even more dastardly version of The Hunger Games, in which a twist is introduced to the games.

"This game is tougher than the one before because everyone competing is a past winner," she said. "Katniss is becoming a symbol of the rebellion."

In both Hunger Games films, Willow has dealt with a number of very emotional scenes.

"I don't really prepare myself for those emotional scenes," she explained. "I try and go into them just connected to the people I am working with."

Working with first-class actors, including Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, helped the acting to come naturally.

"When you work with amazing actors like Jennifer Lawrence it is easier to just get sucked into the scene," she said. "Then whatever happens seems more emotional and strong. At least, that's what works for me!"

Willow said that fans of the Hunger Games novels are going to absolutely love the new film.

"It is so exciting, beautiful and intense," she said. "Plus, Catching Fire is really the beginning of the rebellion! It will get everyone ready for Mockingjay."

In The Hunger Games trilogy, Primrose Everdeen is known for her healing abilities. Willow told us that if she had to take part in the Hunger Games, she'd have a speciality of her own.

"Hiding!" Willow joked. "No really, I'm not sure that I would last very long in an actual Hunger Games. If there was fish in the arena, I may be able to catch a few and then feed people. Could I build an alliance on that?"

Catch Willow Shields as Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire when it hits theaters across the country on November 22!

"I hope everyone loves Catching Fire as much as I loved being a part of it," Willow said. "I can't wait for the fans to see it!"

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