Steal Willow Smith's Look!

When it comes to style, no one is more of a free spirit than Willow Smith. We're totally in love with every one of her outfits. If you've ever wanted to steal her look, here's how!

Let your nerd flag fly

If you're really passionate about a subject, don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeves, literally. Willow is all about NASA and space exploration, but to nail her aura, find out what it means to embrace your own inner fangirl.

willow smith nasa and space


Not only are band tees super stylish, but they also broadcast your fave things to the world around you, making it really easy to befriend fellow fans. 

willow smith band and music shirts

Show your stripes

Just because stripes are a classic look doesn't mean you can't also give them an edgy twist by pairing them with something unusual!

willow smith stripes style


Tie-dye stands for peace, love and freedom. Plus, it looks really funky and chic.

willow smith tie-dye

Rock bold lip color

Because what makes more of a statement than a deep black or popping pink lipstick?

willow smith bold lip color

Denim on denim

Wearing denim from head to toe can be a tough trend to nail, but if your pieces are different washes, or it's just one big denim dress, we think you'll pull it off.

willow smith denim on denim

Hats, hats and more hats

Hats and beanies are totally under-appreciated accessories. You'll be surprised which weird hats will be the perfect complement to your favorite outfits.

willow smith headwear and hats

Just do you

Our biggest tip for capturing Willow's vibe? Don't worry about what other people think of your awesome style. Just be yourself and wear whatever strikes you.

willow smith different style

For an even more in-depth look at Willow's style, scroll through our timeline of her boldest looks here!