Why Willow Smith Should Be Your #WCW

We've literally had Willow Smith's new track "F Q-C #7" on repeat for the last month, and with Willow on the brain, it definitely made sense for her to be out latest Woman Crush Wednesday. Here's why she should be yours, too!

Because she managed to take the world by storm when she was just 9 (by whipping her hair back and forth, of course).

And speaking of hair, she's fearless when it comes to trying something new.

There's music inside of her that just needs to get out!

Need proof? Willow was just 11 when this track come out. We barely believe that's her own voice.

She just might make you rethink EVERYTHING.

She's a kindred spirit with Neytiri (the main Na'vi from Avatar, duh).

She's princess of the no-makeup selfie.

No one has style quite like Willow's, yet she rocks it every time.

She knows what empowerment is really about

And of course, she wrote and produced her ridiculously good new track "F Q-C #7"  (pronounced Frequency Number 7 for those of you not in the know), PLUS co-directed the music video at the age of 14. Not only is her voice flawless, but we've never seen anyone be so true to herself. The video looks totally homemade and, best of all, a lot of it was inspired by Avatar!


Obsessed with Willow? Tell us why she's YOUR #WCW in the comments.