Winning the Race Against Childhood Cancer!

Mighty Med's Paris Berelc spent last Saturday at the 9th annual Winning the Race Against Childhood Cancer 5K!winning the race against childhood cancer paris berelc

The charity event on June 7 featured not just Paris Berelc but also Pretty Little Liars star Cody Cristian. It took place at the Kenneth Hahn Park in Los Angeles.

There supporters could either walk or run the 5 kilometer track in support of BrittiCares, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids survive childhood cancer, one smile at a time!

BrittiCares was inspired by Brittiana Henderson, who was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 10, and leukemia at age 12 before losing her battle with cancer. Today, celebrities and more make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer in her memory!

We love that the Mighty Med star is making a mighty difference for kids with cancer! Join us at to tell us about some of the causes that mean the most to you!