The BEST Winter 2021/2022 Beauty Trends

Winter officially begins on Dec. 22, and we can't wait.

From Christmas to New Year's, Valentine's Day and more, there is seriously so much to look forward to. What we're most excited about, though, is without a doubt the beauty trends to look forward to! From new nail styles to hair colors, makeup and skincare trends, there's so much to try out. Want to stay ahead of the trends? Look below for the best winter 2021/2022 beauty trends.

Lots of Blush

Blush isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This winter it's going to be all about the pinched-cheeks look. From rosy to peachy hues, you truly can't go wrong. Be sure to swipe away from your face, starting at the apple of your cheeks.


Scalp Health

Natural and thick hair is what we all want, right? If you have locks on the thinner side, you'll be glad to hear that scalp health is going to be a major trend this season. Good hair starts from the root, after all!

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Sparkly Eyeshadow

Mattes need to move over because this winter it'all about sparkly eyeshadows. Whether you're going for a smokey eye or want something lighter like pink, make sure you include a glitter aspect to stay on top of the trend.


Chocolate Nails

One thing we love to treat ourselves to during the winter is hot cocoa, so why not use that color inspo for your nails? Chocolate-hued nails are going to be all the rage this winter, from light mochas to milky cocoas and everything in between.

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Shag Haircuts

If you're on the market for a new haircut, we suggest considering a shag style. It's going to be super popular this season! Not only is it easy to take care of, but it photographs well, too. It looks great for any hair color or even type!


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