Winter 2021/2022 Fashion and Style Trends Guys Need to Know

With the official start of winter 2021 beginning Dec. 22, we couldn't be more excited for the change in fashion.

And while it's not too different from fall to winter, there are still some style trends everyone needs to be aware of. For the gals, trends to look forward to including leather details, knit pieces and more. But what about the dudes? Look below for the top winter 2021/2022 fashion and style trends all guys need to know.

Varsity-Style Jackets

Varsity-style jackets are popular for both men and women this winter. Whether it's a collegiate-inspired jacket or one with similar structuring, you'll be on top of the trend.

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Whether you wear a cable-knit sweater, turtleneck or something else, sweaters are all the rage this season. We love the idea of layering a sweater with vests, jackets and more.


Leather Everything

Leather is a classic staple that will probably always stick around. Whether you're into a black jacket, boots or something else, as long as it's leather, you'll get tons of use out of it.

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Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets not only keep the cold out, but they look good, too. For guys, opt for puffers that hit below the waist—the last thing you want is a jacket that's too short.

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Statement Graphic Tees

Instead of sticking to boring, plain white tees, go for something a bit more out there. Find statement graphic tees to rock this season—you'll get all the compliments.

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Beanies are great for keeping your head warm, sure, but they also look so good on guys. There's just something about throwing on a beanie that gives off hot skater-boy vibes.


How about the girls? Look HERE for the winter 2021 style trends all girls should know.