Winter Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Winter break is two (or more) glorious weeks full of gluttonous eating, not having to press a snooze button, borrowing mom's credit card and saying sayonara to homework.

While this time away from the classroom is a delight, there are plenty of ways we overhype it, and, in turn, end up disappointed. Keep reading for expectations vs. reality: winter break edition.

Sleeping In


The next two weeks will be all about catching up on Zzzs. Between the cold weather and your comfy PJs, you are set-up for ultimate sleep sessions. You can't wait to wake up at noon each day to a slew of texts from everyone wondering where you are because they want to hang out. Each wake feels more refreshing than the last, and you're amped and ready to start each day.

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna sleeping in bed

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


Just because you get to sleep in doesn't mean your parents have the same luxury. While deep in your slumber, you're abruptly awaken by an early morning ruckus in the kitchen, which includes the sound of dishes, running water and your parents speaking loudly about their work day ahead. While the smell of brewing coffee is comforting, you're convinced all the noise is their evil plan to ruin your time off. And then, when you finally do fall back asleep, you're disrupted once again by your annoying sibling who just won't leave you alone. Sleep? Yeah, that's a foreign concept to you.


Seeing Your Crush


For all the days that your crush is wrapped up with sports or school, now, at long last, they'll finally have some downtime to devote to you. Right before break began, you two discussed hanging out, so it's only a matter of time before you're taking a neighborhood tour of Christmas lights or attempting to build a gingerbread house. Given that your parents will be at work, it'll give the two of you your much-needed QT with no annoying distractions. After your holiday bonding, you'll be ready to go into the new year feeling more confident about your future with them than ever!

Gossip girl still

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


Your crush seemingly "forgot" that their family has plans to go away for the holidays. And the only reason you know about their trip is thanks to Instagram. You don't bother bringing it up because, clearly, you are not a priority to them. You sit around moping the entire break, in between trying to avoid their online updates. You don't want to seem bitter, so you feel obligated to "like" their posts, while rolling your eyes about the other girl commenters gushing over their getaway.


Taking Up a New Hobby


Two weeks of no academic distractions means you can finally get to that hobby or goal you've been aiming to take on forever. This is the year you don't want to have a new year's resolution, but rather, you want to go into the new year already well on your way to achieving whatever you set out to do. Whether it's working out, reading a book from start or finish, or starting a blog, nothing will stop you from walking away from winter break feeling accomplished.

Girl sitting on the floor with workout gear

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It's freezing cold and you're constantly feeling lethargic from all the junk food you've been eating—which is a disastrous combo for productivity. All you want to do is watch Netflix and scroll through Instagram all day. Every morning you wake up, you tell yourself you'll start your project tomorrow, but you manage to find yourself doing the exact same thing as the day before. Looks like you'll need to set that new year's resolution after all.




Having a job during the holidays will be the best. Anywhere you work will feel super festive, you'll get paid more than usual and your pals can come visit you during your shifts. Working in retail or food is ideal this time of year because everyone will be out and about. You can't wait to look your best at work and flirt with all the potential suitors who stroll by. And your generous employee discount will come in handy when it comes to buying holiday gifts.


(Jessie via Disney Channel)


You're super pumped up the first day of your seasonal gig. It's all new and exciting to you, and you love having coworkers and employee discounts. But, alas, the thrill is short-lived. By the end of the day, you're absolutely wiped from being on your feet for eight hours. You had no idea just how many people would come into your work during this time of year. The idea of flirting with customers is totally out the window—you're way too busy. Your manager is consistently stressed, feeling overwhelmed from the holiday hustle and bustle. Your coworkers expect you to know what to do, and don't have any time to give you the real training you need (especially since you're only working there for two weeks). Because it's the holidays, you're scheduled way more hours than you ever imagined, and within no time at all, you're ready to quit.


New Year's Eve


All the ups and downs from the past year will be out the window, as NYE will bring everyone together at the party of the year and make 2019 go off with a bang! You'll stand out like a shimmery princess in your beautiful ensemble, ready to take on the night with your perfectly coiffed 'do and professional makeup. Even if your crush can't be there with you, you find someone totally cute to kiss when the ball drops. Your parents stay up extra late to pick you up from the party, and they're all smiles, curious about your night. You and your friends take a ton of photos, which will give you plenty to upload on New Year's Day.

Kevin and the Duchess of Montenaro kissing in The Princess Switch

(The Princess Switch via Netflix)


None of your friends have a clue what they're doing until the night before, and everyone wants to do something different. Some friends are willing to buy tickets to a party, while others were invited to an exclusive, intimate gathering. You're willing to settle for chilling at a house with people you don't really know because anything's better than staying at home with the 'rents. You thought for sure you'd be able to snag something fancy last minute at Nordstrom, but, unfortunately, it's slim pickings, as all the good stuff is gone (or not there in your size). You settle for a recycled, plain black dress you got at Target and do your hair and makeup on your own, only to find it raining as soon as you leave the house. The ball drops at midnight, and you jokingly give your closest friend at the party a kiss on the cheek. Shortly thereafter, you feel bedtime kicking in, but have to wait an hour for your mom to get out of her PJs and into the car, making it through the madhouse of drivers outside. You took one decent photo, but the night was pretty lame, so it's not even worth posting.


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