36 Frosty To-Dos to Add to Your Winter Bucket List

Just because the temperatures are less comfortable (okay fine, sometimes frigid) during winter doesn't mean there isn't still tons of fun to be had.

In fact, winter includes "the most wonderful time of the year," so why shouldn't you try everything you can to enjoy this cold but beautiful season? If you're ready to try and have the best winter ever, all you'll need is a solid winter bucket list—and that's where we come in. Check out some of our ideas for your bucket list below.

Holiday-Related Ideas for Your Winter Bucket List

It really wouldn't be a proper winter bucket list without mentioning the holiday that gets the most songs written about it: Christmas! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there's still tons to love about this holiday and things to do around the time it comes each year, including:

  • Pick out a Christmas tree
  • Decorate the tree
  • Paint your own ornaments
  • Make popcorn garland
  • Wrap presents
  • Do a Secret Santa exchange
  • Do a White Elephant gift exchange
  • Learn about a winter holiday other than Christmas
  • Make a wish list (we'd recommend using an app like Elfster for this)
  • Donate to a charity that provides gifts to kids in need
  • Cook a Christmas morning breakfast
  • Wear your fanciest outfit to a Christmas day or Christmas Eve dinner
  • Kiss someone under the mistletoe at a holiday party
  • Give someone a gift they really love
  • Make Christmas cookies (and leave some out for Santa)
  • Make your own eggnog (or horchata if you're not a fan of the real thing)

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New Year's Eve Ideas for Your Winter Bucket List

Don't let Christmas overshadow the fun of another holiday that comes just one week later: New Year's! Your NYE can be whatever you want it to be, but you can take some hints from this list of ideas for your winter bucket list:

  • Do a toast at midnight on NYE (even if it's with sparkling grape juice)
  • Partake in a good luck tradition for New Year's
  • Kiss someone when the clock strikes midnight
  • Watch the fireworks
  • Go through all your photo and video memories from the last year
  • Make a list of things you want to do, see and experience in the new year (a bucket list, if you will)
  • Create some New Year's resolutions

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Non-Holiday Winter Bucket List Ideas

And now that the holidays of winter have had their time in the spotlight, let's get to all the other things there are to do during the season. Here are some additional ideas for your winter bucket list:

  • Go ice skating
  • Or sledding
  • Or even skiing or snowboarding
  • See snow for the first time if you haven't already
  • Make a snow angel
  • Or a snowman
  • Cook a meal using winter produce
  • Drink hot chocolate by a fire
  • Hold hands with someone while wearing mittens
  • Do a polar plunge
  • Get a job to help pay for all the holiday gifts you want to buy everyone else
  • Escape to somewhere warm for a bit
  • Start a new hobby over winter break

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These ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crafting your own winter bucket list, so get as creative as you please when making yours. But if summer is more your style and you're waiting around for the heat to come through again, you can check out ideas for your summer bucket list by clicking HERE.