Winter Expectations vs. Reality

We all like to say winter is one of the most magical seasons—but there's a catch.

It's only during the holidays, when everyone seems a bit nicer, there's snow and lots and lots of gifts, that we embrace the colder weather.

But the second true wintertime hits, we realize how wrong we were to equate so much cheer and wonder to the season. In the end, it's never quite as great as we want it to be.

Below, we've listed all of the unfortunate expectation versus reality scenarios we all experience during these chilly months.

The Snow

Expectation: There's a lot riding on the first snowfall on the season. You expect it to be this magical and romantic moment, which usually happens unexpectedly as you're walking down the street with your bestie or S.O. And just playing in snow always seem like such a joyous occasion. You're positive you'll love everything the snow has to offer, even though it's cold, icy and dangerous. Nevertheless, you're convinced you'll experience a magnificent winter wonderland and love every minute of the spectacle.

Reality: You're incredibly cold all the time. Your feet are always sopping wet whenever you come home from trudging through the icy wonderland. What you hoped would be a marvelous ordeal quickly turns south and you're reminded why you despise the winter months so much. At least summer is right around the corner.

Dwight hiding in a snowman to attack Jim with snowballs

(The Office via NBC)


The Outfits

Expectation: You buy a ton of cute "winter" wear that you're convinced will keep you warm and cozy all day long. You draw inspiration from the adorable outfits you see all of your fave YouTubers and Instagrammers rocking during the winter. They're decked out in charming ensembles, looking like they just stepped out of Forever 21, H&M or Urban Outfitters.

Reality: Why you even thought you could pair a skirt with leggings during the winter has you beside yourself. All of those cute winter clothes you bought end up staying put in the bags they were in when you walked out of the store. Instead of looking any semblance of cute, you straight-up look like the Michelin man with your puffy jacket and ridiculous amount of layers. And it's in no way comfortable, because you can barely walk in what you've got on.

Randy bundled up in snow coats on A Christmas Story

(A Christmas Story via MGM)


The Holidays

Expectation: The holidays always seem like such a grand ol' time. You'll get to spend lots of time with your family, especially with some whom you haven't seen since last year. It's the one time of year you'll actually enjoy seeing so much of your fam. Holiday shopping actually sounds exciting and you can't wait to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Plus, you're pretty excited for all of the gifts you'll get, too.

Pam holding the teapot Jim got her for Secret Santa on The Office

(The Office via NBC)

Reality: Hanging out with your family really is fun… for all of five minutes. Then they start to annoy you and you hide from them until the holidays are over. And don't even get us started on holiday shopping. What you thought would be a quick trip to the mall turns out to be a nightmare. You end up surrounded by hoards of people and it's not pleasant. You decide to just buy everyone gift cards and call it a day. Plot twist: Everyone gets you gift cards, too. Ah, the season of giving.


The Romance

Expectation: Winter is also known as cuffing season, aka the easiest time of year to get into a serious relationship. You've been told literally everyone is looking for a relationship, so you're convinced now is the time for you to find "The One." You know you'll meet your soulmate and go on the cutest winter dates of all time: Ice skating, snowball fights, baking cookies, watching holiday movies: the works.

Buddy the Elf ice skating in Elf

(Elf via New Line Cinema)

Reality: Yep, you end up remaining single. Turns out, it's not as easy to slide on into a relationship as you were led to believe. It also doesn't help that you're not brave enough to tell your crush how you feel, so nothing progresses in that affair. Oh, well. There's always next year.


The Break

Expectation: The most exciting part about winter is the long break you get from school. It's not as long as summer, but it'll do. You're ready to utilize all your free time to do everything that school and other priorities have prevented you from accomplishing. You decide it's best to plan out your days, so you don't miss a thing. They end up being jam-packed. with tons of fun activities. You even schedule some time to do all of the homework that was assigned to you over break.

Reality: All those fun activities you had planned? Yeah, you do about two of those and then end up watching Netflix for the rest of your break. You rarely leave the house. And, if you do, you're still rocking the PJs you've been wearing all break long. That homework you were supposed to do? Yep, you waited until the last minute to do it. Team No Sleep, always.

Penny binge-watching too much Netflix on The Big Bang Theory

(The Big Bang Theory via CBS)


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