Winter Fashion Trends 2014 with Sweety High!

Not sure what to wear this winter? We've got you covered with Sweety High's top five winter fashion trends for 2014!Winter Fashion Trends

1. Fluted skirts

Fluted skirts have all the slimming factor of pencil skirts with some extra legroom to move! They're snug in the hips, and the unique shape of the hem is super flattering in the legs.

This skirt is great for both casual and dressy looks, and it pairs great with boots or heels!

We're sure this trend will continue past the chillier season into spring and even summer!

2. Tartan print

Plaid isn't just a fad! After last season's emphasis on single colors, it's great that fashionistas are spicing things up with great Tartan patterns that stand out in the winter snow!

Tartain pairs especially well with a neutral colored skirt or top, and is an awesome print to rock in the cooler months of the year. Just don't overdo the pattern to keep it stylish.

3. Boyfriend cardigans

Boyfriend cardigans are flattering on most body types, and they come in all kinds of patterns and colors to match just about any look.

They're also extra long, so they look great with leggings or skinny and plus boots! They're also great for a pop of color with your favorite bright tank or tee and are easy to accessorize!

4. Big scarves

Wear big scarves with awesome prints or a splash of color to bring your own style to your favorite monochromatic coat! Scarves are also a good way to test out a trendy new pattern without committing to a patterned jacket or pants.

Scarves are extremely versatile in fashion, and super functional if you're looking to stay warm this season! There are also so many ways to wear scarves that you can modify the same scarf into a number of different looks!

5. Polka dots

Polka dots are a fun and playful pattern that are flattering on just about anyone! Vintage two tones also help keep a polka dot look elegant rather than cutesy.

Dots have been a fashion staple since Marilyn Monroe wore them in the 50s and Twiggy brought them back in the 60s, but this vintage look never really left!

What's your favorite trend this season! Join our community at Sweety High and let us know!