11 Things You'll Only Understand If Winter Is Your Favorite Season

When it comes to winter, you either love it or you hate it. There's no in-between.

While most aren't too fond of the chilly months and bleak weather, plenty embrace the cold season with open arms.

If you're one of those people, you'll totally relate to these truths.

1. Your entire wardrobe is made up exclusively of winter wear. If you could wear a sweatshirt, jeans and a beanie for the rest of your life, you'd be one happy camper.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, snow

(Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life via Netflix)

2. Snow is your favorite thing. Others may tire of it quickly, but it never ceases to amaze you. There's something so magical about tiny flakes falling from the clouds.

3. You enjoy doing every winter activity out there. From snowball fights to building a snowman, you make every second you get to spend in the snow count.

Snowball fight scene in Elf

(Elf via New Line Cinema)

4. Most people tend to be grumpier during the winter, but you have an extra spring in your step. Hello, darkness, my old friend.

5. You actually get more done during the winter than you do any other season. Your friends and family only prefer to spend their days cooped up indoors, but you have no problem getting stuff done.

6. As with Elsa, the cold never bothered you. You find it refreshing to constantly breathe in that crisp, cool air whenever you're outside.

Elsa from Frozen during "Let It Go"

(Frozen via Walt Disney Pictures)

7. You enjoy being able to eat hearty, warm meals with your fam. Comfort foods like soup, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese are always more delectable in the colder months.

8. You tend to be productive, but you're still prone to your lazy days. But you don't feel bad about staying in bed all day during winter. The same can't be said for summer.

9. Hot cocoa is your fave drink and you enjoy it whenever, but it just tastes so much better when enjoyed during the winter. It's the cherry on top of the  season.

Bart looking at Ned Flander's hot cocoa on The Simpsons

(The Simpsons via Fox)

10. You're a giving person, so the holidays are one of the things you love most about winter. What other season has so many important celebrations back to back? None of them.

11. Every year, you cross your fingers with hopes that the legendary groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, sees his shadow so you can enjoy six more weeks of this season. When it happens, you celebrate without hesitation.


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