These Wintery Quotes Make Perfect Instagram Captions for Your Winter Formal Pics

Finding just the right caption to memorialize your favorite photo on Instagram can be a major ordeal.

Take all of the guesswork out of captioning your winter formal pics by using one of the cute quotes below:

For that too-sweet shot of you getting asked to winter formal:

"Well I was thinking… maybe we could go to the Snow Ball together." – Mike Wheeler, Stranger Things

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For the silly group photo of you and all your gorgeous friends in your winter's best:

"Like snowflakes, we're all beautiful in our own way."


For your most stunning winter formal selfie:

"The cold never bothered me anyway." – Elsa, Frozen

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For the candid of you and your date lost in your own private dreamland:

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." — Anton Chekhov


For the mischievous photo of you and your closest friends planning something really good:

"We solemnly swear we're up to snow good."


For every snap of you looking really cute in your sleeveless gown, despite the fact you're freezing your butt off:

"The problem with winter formal is that it typically takes place in winter."


For that pic of you stylishly refusing to step out on the dancefloor:

"Ahem. Uh, thank you. Only, I don't dance." – Elsa, Frozen


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