7 Cozy Indoor Ideas for a Winter Girls' Night In

Has it been too long since you and your girlfriends got together?

If you're fresh out of ideas for your next girls' night in, hosting a winter-themed get-together is a great way to catch up and have an amazing time. With winter upon us, here are some of our favorite cozy indoor activities to share with the girls.

1. Holiday Gift Exchange

Gift exchanges are a fun (and often hilarious) way to liven up any winter gathering. Exchanging presents is a fun way to show the care you have for each other, while also keeping the conversation—and the laughter—going. You can also do a Secret Santa. Who doesn't love seeing the reaction on someone's face when they open up the gift you got them?

try gift exchange for your winter girls' night

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2. Themed Night

Having a theme can make your girls' night just that much more fun. Deciding on a theme narrows things down and helps you plan what food to prepare, what kind of music to play and just plan your main activities without overthinking it. Fun themes also give everyone a reason to dress up or even keep it casual. Try everything from a Taco Tuesday to a holiday celebration, color-based pajama night or even a decades theme to get inspired.



3. Fire and Hot Cocoa

For days when the weather outside is frightful, start the fireplace for some ambiance and festive vibes. And once the fire is started, you can brew up some hot cocoa. Make sure to add extra marshmallows to celebrate the season—or even try toasting some over the open flame, if the fireplace allows.

Make hot cocoa after setting up the fire

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4. Gift Wrapping Party

Wrapping gifts on your own can feel like a chore, so why not make a moment of it by wrapping gifts as a group for a super fun girls' night in? With the holidays right around the corner, everyone has some presents that need wrapping, so bring them all to someone's house, throw on a movie or play some festive music while you and the girls wrap your families' gifts. Have everyone bring their own wrapping paper so you can mix and match. You can also order in food to make a whole party of the night.


5. Dessert Night

What's better than a potluck? A desserts-only potluck! Ask everyone to bring their favorite baked goods—whether they're from the store or made from scratch from a traditional family recipe. The result will be a variety of tasty sweets for all of the girls to try, and likely plenty of leftovers to bring back home to family.

have all your girls bring different dessert for girls' night

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6. Do a Virtual Class

Turn your girls' night into a learning experience by inviting all of your girlfriends to do a virtual class at your house. Anything from a cooking or baking tutorial to a yoga class can be insightful and fun, and you can pick the class that works best for you and the group based on your interests.


7. Classic Movie Night

What's better than a movie night on a chilly winter's day? We recommend choosing a classic chick flick like Mamma Mia or Bridesmaids—but if your girlfriends aren't all keen on chick clicks, you can also create a game to choose which genre to watch. Top off the night with fun drinks like hot cocoa and spiced apple cider to make sure everyone in your party is satisfied by the end of the night.

put on a classic movie and enjoy with you girls

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Making a playlist, breaking out decorations, and making activities for your theme will make your girls' night in so much fun.


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