Suffering From Dry and Frizzy Winter Hair? Dae Founder Amber Fillerup Has Some Tips

If you're anything like us, the cold, dry weather of winter can mean a whole number of hair woes.

Whether your hair is dry and frizzy, or just full of static, this time of year can require a slightly different approach to your haircare regimen. Not sure where to even start? We turned to an expert for some advice. Amber Fillerup is a hair and lifestyle influencer (and the founder of the fabulous haircare brand Dae), and she answered all of the questions we had about what winter does to our hair—and how to fix it.

Sweety High: During the chilly and dry winter months, what unique hair issues might arise?

Amber Fillerup: Our hair gets really dry during the cold winter months. My hair also gets really static-y!


SH: How do our hair needs change, and what adjustments should we make to accommodate for them?

AF: I tend to lean towards gentle moisturizing formulas, versus in the summertime when my hair might need more clarifying and detoxifying formulas for my scalp. Honestly, year-round I listen to my hair. It changes even within the same season. So I tend to alternate products, shampoos and conditioners, how frequently I mask, etc.

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SH: Are there any products we should stop using in our hair during the winter?

AF: That is so personal—it really just depends on how your hair is looking, feeling and behaving. Sometimes, my hair might actually be shinier in the winter months due to less sun, beach, pool exposure and damage—and my hair tends to be less frizzy in the winter due to less summer heat and humidity.


SH: Are there any ways to wear our hair that are better or worse during these months? What are the best ways to avoid static-y winter hair?

AF: One trick I find helpful if I have static-y hair is to take a hydrating styling cream and run it lightly through the lengths and then lightly pat the fly-aways on top of the crown. We are launching a really great styling cream in March called the Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream!


SH: What are your favorite must-have products for tackling winter hair woes?

AF: My Monsoon Moisture Mask is amazing in the winter because it is so hydrating and nourishing and makes my hair so so shiny and soft and bouncy! I also love using my Prickly Pear Hair Oil—this is another great one for dryness, dullness and can be a great hack for static! On the night before my "wash day," I will drench my hair in the Prickly Pear Hair Oil and sleep in a low, loose bun. When I wake up in the morning, my hair has drunk in all those amazing benefits, so when I wash my hair it is so soft and healthy! In the winter, I tend to be able to go longer between washes, which is always good for hair, year-round. My signature Shampoo is so gentle but also gives you that really great "clean feel" but without stripping the natural oils from the scalp. The signature Conditioner is great because it is super hydrating yet not too heavy. And if you need a little extra moisture in the winter months, leave the conditioner on for a few extra minutes while you shave. Another great trick when using the signature Conditioner or Monsoon Moisture Mask: before applying to your wet hair, wring your hair out really really well—even with a towel—so that your hair is damp but not drenched. That way your hair can drink up the product!

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SH: What are some haircare ingredients we should definitely be utilizing this season?

AF: Butters and oils—my Monsoon Moisture Mask is loaded with them!


SH: What are the ingredients we should avoid?

AF: All Dae products are clean, so I avoid the same ingredients year-round—sulfates, parabens, phthalates and synthetic colors.

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