6 Things Winter Does to Your Skin

Dry winter skin, we know you've heard of her. Let's face it, winter is coming and she can wreak major havoc on your skin.

Freezing outside temperatures with little to no humidity coupled with intense heaters inside is a recipe for a disastrous skin sitch. It's important to add heavier oils and creams into your skincare routine around this time of year, as well as drink plenty of water to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Below, we're sharing six things winter does to your skin, including one surprising positive for acne skin types.

Makes It Super Dry and Itchy

There's nothing like cold, dry temperatures outside, mixed with intense heaters inside to do a number on your skin, leaving it super dry, itchy and sometimes even painful. In general, cold winter air is dryer than warm air because it holds less moisture, so it's a fact that your skin does dry out during the colder months. 


Makes Hot Showers Increase Skin Dryness

There's nothing like taking a nice hot shower or bath after a freezing day. But your best bet is to resist the urge and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa because hot water can dissolve the protective barrier in the skin which will eventually lead to dryness. And a weak skin barrier in the winter is no match for intense hot and cold temperatures, leaving you feeling so so dry. 

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Increases Likeliness of Cracked Skin

If you've never had cracked skin before, bless your soul. Cracked skin is the pits and one of the worst things that can happen to your body during the winter. This tends to happen on the fingertips and cuticles, on the lips and sometimes even around the nose and jaw. Your best bet is to keep a hydrating oil or lotion that works for both face and hands at all times.


Clears Up Acne

Believe it or not, winter can have a positive effect on your skin when it comes to breakouts. For many people with oily and acne-prone skin, drier weather can actually help with breakouts and reduce flareups.


Increases Risk For Sunburn

SPF is important to wear all year long, yes even during the wintertime! Even though it might seem overcast, cloudy or snowing, the sun's rays can still cause sun damage (although your chance of a summertime sunburn is slim). Be especially careful if you take a winter vacation on the slopes, because you're higher up and the sun's rays can bounce off the mountain, which can cause a sunburn.

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Increases Food Related Breakouts

Although winter weather can help oily and acne skin types with breakouts, yummy winter comfort food sadly does not. Studies suggest that diets high in refined carbs may trigger or worsen breakouts—yikes. Foods with a high glycemic index (carb-heavy foods) spike sugar, which is thought to increase the levels of hormones in the body that are responsible for oil production, which can ultimately lead to more breakouts. Since there's a lot of delicious food this time of year, try and pick and choose your favorites to splurge on. 


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