Wishing Out Loud To Star Calum Worthy, Jan. 2015!

Fans of Austin & Ally star Calum Worthy will soon be able to see him on the big screen with his appearance as Drake in the upcoming film Wishing Out Loud.Wishing Out Loud Calum Worthy

The film centers around a sarcastic and cynical high-school senior named Sophie O'Dea, played by Lexi Giavognoli. When she inherits a car called Star from her grandma, she's told the car possesses magical powers.

She doesn't take the legend to heart until she wishes out loud, expressing her desire to have a date to the upcoming Valentine's Day dance at her school. Before long, Star grants Sophie's wish.

But it's not just any boy that asks Sophie to the dance. A famous rising actor from Los Angeles named Drake, played by Calum Worthy, finds himself in Sophie's small town and promptly invites her to dance with him.

But before long, Sophie realizes her wish my jeopardize Drake's career and chain him to her town forever. With the help of Star, she must get him back to Hollywood and set things right, and learn about herself in the process!

Wishing Out Loud movie will be out on January 15, 2015! We can't wait to learn even more about it as the date approaches.

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