Women Are From Venus and 7th-Graders Are From Mars

A class of 16 seventh-graders in Cottonwood California have discovered a peculiar cave on Mars as part of a research project to study pictures taken by a NASA spacecraft orbiting the planet.

The cave is estimated to be approximately 620 by 520 feet wide and 380 feet deep. It is also the second hole to be associated with Pavonis Mons–The center of Mars' three volcanoes.

"The students developed a research project focused on finding the most common locations of lava tubes on Mars," Dennis Mitchell, the students' teacher, said. "Do they occur most often near the summit of a volcano, on its flanks, or the plains surrounding it?"

This exploration resulted in the discovery of the cave, which initially showed up as a small black dot on the satellite images taken by the class, but proved to be a lot more.

…Sounds like quite the discovery, and it just goes to show that a little curiosity goes a long way!!!