Want to Be Wonder Woman? These Amazonian Accessories Are the Next Best Thing

We'd be lying if we said that seeing Wonder Woman didn't make us want to be Diana for a day (or 12).

If you need a little bit of Wonder Woman goodness in your life, we bet you'll fall in love with every one of these accessories.

Wonder Woman Face Brush Set: $95

When you want to create the perfect glam look to complement your Amazon warrior aesthetic, you need the right brushes to do the job. These shimmering red and gold ones are just right.

Wonder Woman makeup brush set

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Tiara Headband: $21.95

Thanks to Wonder Woman, we think powerful tiaras are about to become a standard accessory. This one looks just like Diana's, and it's pretty much guaranteed to stay in place.

Wonder Woman tiara headband

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Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Top Sneakers: $49.99

If you're all about Wonder Woman in the comic books, this awesome pair of Chucks will let you showcase some awesomely empowering images of the princess herself.

Wonder Woman Converse shoes

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Lasso of Truth Choker: $24.90

While this stunning necklace won't force anyone to tell the truth, it's a fashion piece that certainly does make a statement.

Wonder Woman lasso of truth choker necklace

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Amazon Princess Handbag: $54.99

If you want to sport Wonder Woman's iconic colors wherever you go, this practical handbag will let you do so while toting around all of your other Diana-inspired accessories.

Wonder Woman amazon purse

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Lasso of Truth Leather Purse: $29.99

Looking for a more subtle approach to wearing a Wonder Woman purse? This light brown leather bag, complete with its own Lasso of Truth band, is just the thing for you.

Wonder Woman leather purse

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Wonder Woman Wrist Cuff: $48

While this wrist cuff won't be blocking bullets anytime soon, it does make for a fabulous but understated piece of jewelry.

Wonder Woman Alex and Ani wrist cuff

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Wonder Woman Ring Wrap: $38

And if you're more of a ring girl, this golden wrap ring will look unlike anything else in your collection.

Wonder Woman Alex and Ani ring wrap

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Wonder Woman Stars Knapsack: $28.41

It may be summertime, but it's never too early to start stocking up on the cutest back-to-school accessories. This starry Wonder Woman backpack might actually make you look forward to being in a classroom again.

Wonder Woman stars knapsack

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Tiara Necklace: $20.98

If you love Diana's signature tiara but wearing an actual tiara in public is a bit too much for you, consider this sleek necklace as an alternative.

Wonder Woman tiara necklace

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Wonder Woman Amazon Fragrance: $19.90

We can't exactly say we've ever wanted to smell like a superhero, but we bet a fragrance inspired by Wonder Woman and her power will make us feel pretty tough. It's scented with raspberry, bergamot and lychee, plus floral and woodsy notes.

Wonder Woman official fragrance

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Wonder Woman Stud Earring Set: $6.32

If you can only pick one incredible piece of Wonder Woman jewelry, this stud earring set includes three pairs of earrings so you can change it up everyday and still channel the power of the goddesses.

Wonder Woman stud earrings

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Wonder Woman 3-Piece Cosplay Wedge Boots: $107.92

This may be the priciest item on the list, but for good reason. This set of knee-high cosplay wedge boots is made of pleather and has three pieces that snap together for three totally different looks. We hear they're a lot comfier than they look!

Wonder Woman cosplay boot set

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