Wonder Woman Costume Tutoral: Girl Power Halloween!

Seeing as it's October, every Thursday this month we're sharing a tutorial for an awesome girl power inspired costume! Why not dress in a Wonder Woman costume this Halloween?  Wonder Woman Costume

This simple tutorial will help you put together a more modest version of an awesome Wonder Women costume!

Start the outfit with a pair of blue jeans or tights in a star pattern.

The next bit will require a little effort. Begin by printing out the Wonder Woman logo onto an iron-on transfer. With the help of an adult, iron it onto a long sleeved red shirt!

The rest of the outfit it all about accessorizing! Wear a long red cape and a metal cuff on each wrist, and carry along a length of rope. To be an extra authentic Golden Lasso of Truth, you can spray paint the rope gold!

For Wonder Women's red boots, we recommend these Toms Wrap Boots in red. The length is customizable depending on your preference, and they're a look you can wear all year long!

Top off the outfit with Wonder Woman's signature headpiece. If you can't find one in costume stores, you can make one out of felt.

Have any questions? Leave them below in the comments! And if you're interested in more options, check out our previous girl power costume tutorials!

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