These Wonder Woman-Inspired DIY Projects Will Make You Super, Too

We saw Wonder Woman over the weekend and walked out of the theater pumped and feeling like we could be Wonder Woman, too.

If you did the same, we bet you wish you had some cool Wonder Woman swag about now. These awesome DIYs will show you how to create your own.

Foam Amazonian Corset

This first craft may be the most difficult and time-consuming, but it's also the most impressive. Despite its metallic sheen, it's actually constructed from foam, glossed up with the help of paint and decoupage. That definitely sounds comfier than a protective metal corset, too.

Wonder Woman DIY Corset

(via Amino Apps)


Wonder Woman Crocheted Beanie

Wonder Woman's traditional outfit looks awesome, but we can't imagine it's very warm on chilly days. You can still rep her colors with this cute and colorful beanie, made from a crochet pattern.

Wonder Woman Crocheted DIY beanie

(via Ravelry)


Wonder Woman T-Shirt

This DIY T-shirt is a simple, straightforward way to showcase your fave female superhero.

Wonder Woman t-shirt DIY

(via Seven Alive)


Diana's Tiara

Wearing a Wonder Woman tiara in public would be a little extravagant in most situations, but the movie is such a big deal right now that people probably won't even bat at eye. It's an entirely new way to accessorize.

Wonder Woman DIY: Diana's Tiara

(via Lol Workshop)


Wonder Woman Painted Converse

Your shoes are a canvas for showcasing what's in your heart—and we're guessing that right now, that's Wonder Woman.

Custom painted Wonder Woman DIY Converse

(via Jordi Pimpam)


Wonder Woman Knit Sweater

Get your knitting needles ready, because the pattern for this adorable knit sweater is free and begging to be crafted. This look is cute enough to wear all year round—even if summer is just around the corner.

Wonder Woman DIY Knit Sweater

(via Ravelry)


Pop Art Wonder Woman Nail Art

DIYs don't need to be permanent to make a statement. This tutorial will show you how to paint gorgeous Wonder Woman comic book art right onto your nails.

Wonder Woman Nail Art Tutorial

(via Nailed It NZ)


Wonder Woman Phone Case

Chances are that your phone is on you 24/7, so if you really want to be clear about how much you love Wonder Woman, this case might be just the thing. All you need is a phone case, paint, glitter paper and glue to hold it down and you'll be ready to rock Diana's colors.

DIY Wonder Woman Phone Case

(via Made by Shae)


If you want to find out how Wonder Woman did all of her incredible stunts in the movie, click HERE to read our interview with Gal Gadot's lead stunt double, Caitlin Dechelle.