13 Female Villains We'd Love to See in the Next Wonder Woman Movie

We probably don't have to tell you that DC's Wonder Woman movie was awesome, and we're thrilled to hear that director Patty Jenkins is already hard at work writing a script for the sequel.

The first film had some great villains, including the despicable Dr. Maru, but she's far from the only powerful woman Diana has fought in the comics. Here are a few more iconic Wonder Woman baddies who'd be awesome in second movie.

Zara, Priestess of the Crimson Flame

Zara has a tragic upbringing. She was sold as a child, causing her to despise all men. She maintains this malice into adulthood, forming her own religion called The Cult of the Crimson Flame. Manipulating fire, she dazzled legions of followers. Wonder Woman steps in to put an end to Zara's cult and successfully stops her before Zara joins the anti-Wonder Woman group Villainy Inc.

Wonder Woman Villains: Zara preistess of flame

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Veronica Cale

Veronica Cale is the cofounder of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals and worked hard for everything she has. Believing she had to work twice as hard as a woman in a male-dominated world, she objects to the ease of Wonder Woman's acceptance and her childish desire for peace. When Diana writes a book on the Amazon ways, Veronica does all she can to discredit Wonder Woman and turn the world against her.

Wonder Woman Villains: Veronica Cale

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Blue Snowman

Byrna Brilyant's dad was a scientist working on an invention called "blue snow." He intended to use it to help people, but when he dies, Bryna uses it for her own gain. Pretending to be a man and donning the identity of the Blue Snowman, she forces local farmers to give her money in exchange for not destroying their livelihoods. Of course, Wonder Woman shows up in time and forces "him" to end the reign of the blue snow. Byrna later joins Villainy Inc., only to be defeated by Wonder Woman yet again.

Wonder Woman Villains: Blue Snowman
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Osira is a particularly interesting villain because she desires the same thing as Wonder Woman—peace for all of humanity. When Osira and her husband arrive on Earth, they hypnotize the world's people into a peaceful state of mind. This peace came at a price—the free will of the people. Seeing this contradiction, a priest trapped Osira and her partner in a pyramid for thousands of years. Osira was eventually released by tank fire during World War II, turning Steve Trevor and other allies of Wonder Woman against her. Of course, Wonder Woman got the best of the situation in the end.

Wonder Woman Villains: Osira

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Eirene is the literal goddess of peace, so you'd think she'd get along great with Diana. Not so, as Eirene's partner Ares, the god of war, is defeated by Wonder Woman and stripped of his title. Unable to cope with the loss and disrespect, she plots to destroy Wonder Woman with the help of her servant, Nikos. But when Ares is brought back to life, Eirene goes back to her old ways.

Wonder Woman Villains: Eirene

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The evil sorceress Morgaine le Fey's stories first appear in Arthurian legends. As Morgana, she joins Enigma and Despero, using her magic to create a timeline where they effectively replace Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman as heroes. However, this spell fails, since Despero is actually Kanjar Ro in disguise. The real heroes manage to escape exile, banishing Morgana and imprisoning her in a statue.

Wonder Woman Villains: Morgana

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Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a particularly sinister Wonder Woman baddie. She's an evil spirit who torments people who call upon her for their own gain. Diana's mother, Hippolyta, fought the Dark Angel again and again, and in time the villainous spirit found her way to Themyscira. There, she trapped Diana, forcing her to live thousands of torturous lifetimes. What she didn't know was that she was actually persecuting Diana's magical double. Instead of becoming weaker with each life, this double grew in strength, eventually becoming her own person, named Donna Troy, and defeating the Dark Angel on her own.

Wonder Woman Villains: Dark Angel

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Silver Swan

The original Silver Swan, Helen Alexandros, is a talented ballet dancer who struggles to get work because she is not beautiful. Overlooked again and again, she eventually turns to Ares, who offers her incredible beauty and power in exchange for defeating Wonder Woman. She accepts, becoming the gorgeous super-powered Silver Swan in hour-long increments. If she can stop Wonder Woman, the change will become permanent. Wonder Woman is able to stop the Silver Swan, and a disappointed Ares takes her powers away.

Wonder Woman Villains: Silver Swan

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Queen Clea

Queen Clea rules over the decrepit Venturia outpost of Atlantis, turning the men in her society into captive laborers and forcing them to fight to the death for her entertainment. When Clea captures the neighboring city Venturia, its queen, Eeras, is forced to flee. Eeras eventually meets Steve Trevor and asks him to fly her back to Atlantis, resulting in Steve's capture by Clea. Wonder Woman and Eeras band together to save Trevor, capturing and imprisoning Clea.

Wonder Woman Villains: Queen Clea

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Sharkeeta doesn't have the most profound effect on Wonder Woman, but you've got to love her backstory. Sharkeeta and her sisters were originally sharks kept in a tank on Themyscira. Transformed into a mermaid by Gerta von Gunther, she decides to take revenge on the Amazons for what they've done to her. She even bests Wonder Woman in battle, only backing down after Gerta makes Sharkeeta more human, causing her shark rage to subside.

Wonder Woman Villains: Sharkeeta

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Queen of Fables

The Queen of Fables is a vile sorceress who ruled until the princess Snow White managed to stop her and trap her in the Book of Fables. Centuries later she was accidentally released, and seeking her daughter, she looked for a magic mirror to stop Snow White yet again. Finding a television set, she mistook it for her mirror, and when she asked to see the fairest in the land, the TV showed her Wonder Woman. Mistaking her for Snow White, the Queen of Fables set out to stop her. With the help of the rest of the Justice League, Wonder Woman stops her by making her realize the world is not her fairytale reality, and the queen is trapped into a tax book.

Wonder Woman Villains: Queen of Fables

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Doctor Cyber

Dr. Cylvia Cyber is a brilliant scientist. Her beauty is matched by her mind, until an accident leaves her disfigured. Unable to deal with her loss, the doctor develops a full-body suit that covers her face and makes her incredibly powerful. However, she stronger she becomes, the more unhappy she becomes with her appearance. Setting out to become beautiful once again, she decides to kidnap Wonder Woman and transfer her mind into Diana's body. However, these attempts fail again and again.

Wonder Woman Villains: Doctor Cyber

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Believing she'll never succeed as a female magician, Hypnota pretends to be a man by wearing fake facial hair and men's clothing. One day during a rehearsal for a trick, she's accidentally shot. Thanks to surgery she survives the ordeal, also awakening hypnotic powers that allow her to dominate others. She uses these powers on the stage as well as to commit crimes, even using them on Wonder Woman to have her make a fool of herself and aid in Hypnota's crimes. When Wonder Woman breaks free of the spell, she bests Hypnota with a mirror that causes Hypnota to hypnotize herself.

Wonder Woman Villains: Hypnota

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