Work In Progress Pants Is a Brand for Empowering Survivors and Embracing Imperfection

Asymmetrical looks are all the rage this season. While you're shopping for new pieces to complete your summer wardrobe, why not invest in a company that also empowers people and gives back to an important cause?

We're talking about Work in Progress Pants, a brand whose fabulously unusual pieces have a powerful statement behind them while also contributing to ending violence, assault and abuse. Curious? Here's what WIPP is all about.

The Mission

Created by Kylee Lehe-Mains, Work in Progress Pants is a brand dedicated to reminding us that we are all works in progress. A survivor of trauma herself, Kylee developed WIPP as a form of self-expression, creating bold, colorful clothing that's full of life. The line's asymmetrical styles and crooked seams and stitches represent that journey, showing that none of us are free of flaws and imperfections. In fact, perfection is pretty boring, and we should embrace the little things that make us unique.

The brand also focuses on the idea of facing our discomfort and differences and working through trauma in order to transform it into something that creates value, even if it will never quite go away. The brand is about lifting people up and helping them live as the most authentic versions of themselves, with nothing to hold them back. The brand also gives back. For every pair of Work In Progress Pants sold, $50 is donated to The Joyful Heart Foundation, dedicated to ending violence and abuse.

Ready to get shopping? Here are a few of Work in Progress Pants styles that we cannot get enough of.


The Warrior: $210

This pair of vintage Guess jeans are tattered in all the right ways, with red and white tie-dye patches adding a pop of color—and a touch of intrigue.

Work in Progress Pants: The Warrior

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Warm-Up Wonder (Wilson): $200

At first glance, these may look like a regular pair of Wilson track pants, but if you follow the red, orange and white striping to the heels, you'll see that these flared pants also have patches of yellow and pink tie-dye to make them really pop.

Work in Progress Pants: Warm Up Wonder

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Warm-Up Wonder (Rainbow): $200

Want a track pant with even more color? This pair of black tracks pants with a rainbow waistband and stripes down the side also has snap-up buttons down the legs, with the insides featuring vibrant tie-dye in red, yellow and green.

Work in Progress Pants: Worm Up Wonder Rainbow

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Sly Funk (Levi's): $220.00

These Sly Funk Levi's jeans add just a pop of color to make them unlike anything else in your jeans closet. The bottom cuffs are lined with purple, pink, red and yellow tie-dye, so that when you roll them up, and you can roll them up to show them off.

Work in Progress Pants: Sly Funk Levis

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Sly Funk (Guess): $180

If you liked the last pair but thought they could be even funkier, this pair of vintage Guess jeans, with a pink rosy pattern and zipper pant legs, might be just right for you. The bottoms of both legs are lined with bold pink and white tie-dye, so folding up the cuffs adds even more exquisite color.

Work in Progress Pants: Sly Funk Gues

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Sly Funk (Criss+Cross): $220

What's better than an asymmetrical jean? These vintage jeans not only feature this season's biggest look, but they also have die-dye in fuschia and turquoise lining at the legs, so you can roll them up for a unique cuffed look.

Work in Progress Pants: Sky Funk Criss-Cross

(via Work in Progess Pants)


The Rad Plaid: $300

These eye-catching plaid pants represent everything that Work in Progress Pants is all about. Not only are these BDG pants super cheerful on their own, but we love the asymmetry—and the addition of blue and white tie-dye at the cuffs and punk pins makes them even more bold and brash.

Work in Progress Pants: Rad Plaid

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Picture Me Rising: $200

More into skirts than jeans and pants? The Picture Me Rising skirt might be just your thing. This dark Wrangler denim skirt has red and white tie-dye patches to highlight distressed areas, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Work in Progress Pants: Picture Me Rising

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Long Way Home: $200

These fun, ripped jeans are all about the color. With the patches on one leg being primarily purple tie-dye, and the patches on the other being mainly a rich blue, these jeans are sure to stand out and make a statement.

Work in Progress Pants: The Long Way Home

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The In My Own Skin: $200

If you're all about the Work in Progress Pants ethos but are looking for something a bit more understated, we recommend The In My Own Skin pants. These white Levi's are distressed at the knees, leaving one knee bare while the other is patched with black and white tie-dye. The same tie-dye also lines the inner cuff of the opposite leg, so you can roll it up for a great asymmetric look.

Work in Progress Pants: In My Own Skin

(via Work in Progress Pants)


The Bell Bling! (Blue): $180

Looking for something really wild? These flared Forever 21 jeans, in a blue pinstripe pattern, get even better with the Work in Progress Pants touch. The flaring on the right leg is even bolder thanks to the addition of blue and white tie-dye patches both inside and out.

Work in Progress Pants: The Bell Bling

(via Work in Progress Pants)


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