Here's the Best Workout for Your Individual Needs

Working out is very important.

Besides keeping us healthy, it's also great for our mental health and a plethora of other reasons. Everybody's needs and bodies are different, so if you get bored on a stationary bike or can't jog outside to save your life, keep reading to see which workout is a fit for you.

Pure Barre

If fitness generally bores you, give ballet-inspired Pure Barre a try. Pure Barre is a low-impact exercise that works your core, glutes, arms and abs in one 50-minute class. The time flies by and you'll feel like a new person once you're done.

woman stretching at pure barre class

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If you want long, lean muscles in a relaxing low-stress environment, becoming a yogi may be in your future. Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen your body and focus your mind. Increase your strength without lifting weights. You'll emerge feeling zen after just one class.

woman doing a yoga pose
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Martial Arts

If you've got discipline and want to learn to unlock your inner warrior goddess, martial arts may be for you. Whether you opt for Krav Maga, Taekwondo or Kickboxing, you can't go wrong with martial arts. In addition to getting stronger, you'll also learn self-defense.

woman doing karate on the beach at sunrise
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Outdoor Classes

Maybe you get bored in the same aerobics class or lose your focus after 10 minutes on the elliptical. Try signing up for an outdoor class! Breathe in that fresh air and Mother Nature's scenery for an invigorating workout that won't leave you in a fitness rut.

girl doing yoga outdoors
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If you want a workout where you will leave sweaty and exhausted, try a spin class! You'll get your heart rate up while burning crazy calories. Don't expect to just sit on the bike, though. Your instructor can incorporate arm weights, squats—even pushups on the bike!

Women in spin class
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If you want to strengthen your muscles in a class that's different every time, Pilates should be your go-to workout. Some Pilates classes focus on using a machine called a reformer, while others are entirely floor-based. If you want abs like the models, this is your best bet.

women in a pilates class using a reformer machine
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Free Time at the Gym

If you like to change up your workout on the reg, consider getting a standard gym membership. When you belong to a gym, you don't have to follow an instructor's schedule. Jump from treadmill to chest press, or whatever you want to do! Most gyms offer classes, too, so if you need a little extra push to complete a legitimate workout, committing to a class will be your guarantee!

gym with workout equipment
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Preparing for your first group workout class can be a daunting process, but but avoid the stress by learning what to bring HERE.