The Best Fast-Paced Songs of 2022 For Your Workout Playlist

When it comes to exercise, the music you listen to can really make or break your workout.

Whether you're a running fan or weight lifting aficionado, having some fast-paced songs lined up and ready to go is the key to making the most of your sweat session. If you feel like your list has been lacking—and thus your workouts have been, too—worry not, we can help. Checkout these fast-paced workout playlist songs to keep on tap:

For Pop Fans

Who says pop can't be a good choice for your pump playlist? With a fast beat and often-inspiring lyrics to bop along to, pop can be perfect to add to your list of workout playlist songs. Here are a few we'd recommend:


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For EDM Fans

EDM (electronic dance music) includes a whole variety of subgenres, all of which can make for the perfect workout playlist songs. Because electronic music typically focuses on fast-paced beats and occasional heavy-hitting bass drops, it's almost like it was designed to be added to your workout playlist! Whether you consider yourself a fan or not, we think your next workout might just benefit from adding these few tunes to your list:

  • "I Wish (feat. Mabel)" – Joel Corry and Mabel
  • "Drive (feat. Wes Nelson)" – Clean Bandit, Topic and Wes Nelson
  • "Never Going Home" – Kungs
  • "Sweet Talker" – Years & Years and Galantis




For Latin Fans

If you're familiar with Zumba workouts, you'll totally understand why Latin music is another perfect option for your gym playlist. With a fast pace that makes you want to move your body (dancing, running or just lifting heavier-than-normal weights) effortlessly, give these Latin workout playlist songs a go:

  • "SG (With Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, & LISA of BLACKPINK)" – DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, and LISA of BLACKPINK (Come on—with these many stars working on one song, how can it not get you moving?)
  • "HIT IT (feat. Saweetie & Lele Pons)" – Black Eyed Peas, Saweetie and Lele Pons
  • "Invisible" – Andra and Lil Eddie


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All in all, a lot of the workout playlist songs on this list actually cross genres, meaning there's something for every taste and style! Add these to your Spotify/Apple Music/whatever other streaming service you prefer before your next workout session, and thank us later.

And if you need a title for your new top-quality workout playlist? Just click HERE for some inspirational quotes to use for those titles.