All the Cutest Images From This Weekend's World Dog Surfing Championships

How did we not know about the World Dog Surfing Championships sooner?

This San Francisco Bay Area event highlights the world's best canine surfers in all shapes and sizes, with prize money going to dog-related nonprofit organizations.

Of course, the highlight of the whole thing is getting to see all of the adorable dogs, whether they're surfing or simply spectating. Here are some of our favorite event pics from Instagram.

Cherie the French bulldog looks absolutely adorable on her pink surfboard.


But her lounging outfit for the beach may be even sweeter.


This dog-human duo shares a surfboard and a haircut. We think it's safe to say both Derby and his dad are pretty passionate about the sport.


This gorgeous Australian Kelpie named Abbie managed to take first place in both the medium dog category and overall.


Abbie looks pretty proud of her awesome accomplishments.

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It appears pigs were allowed to participate as well. We're definitely not mad at that.


Skylark is a master of hanging ten.


Beans the Whippet is a therapy dog on land and a surfing phenomenon at sea.


Does scaring away the competition count as cheating?


Little Chiquito was proof that dogs of any size can aspire for greatness.


Excuse us as we book our tickets to see the next big dog surfing event. If you love sporty dogs as much as we do, click HERE to see how this adorable dog helps on the baseball field.