Can You Decode These Emoji Summer Movie Titles?

Mark your calendar (emoji), it's World Emoji Day! Celebrate with us by testing your emoji knowledge and seeing if you can decipher these summer movie titles. Answers at the bottom of the page!

world emoji day summer movie quiz

1. This little superhero movie opens today.

ant-man summer movie emojis

2. You're going to get emotional watching this one! 

inside out summer movie emojis

3. Disney's baddest villains, revisited

descendants summer movie emojis

4. The ultimate summer sequel

teen beach movie summer emojis

5. Totally despicable

minions summer movie emojis

6. Assemble!

the avengers summer movie emojis

7. A cappella never sounded so good.

pitch perfect 2 summer movie emojis

8. The future is here.

tomorrowland summer movie emojis

9. The clever girls are back.

jurassic world summer movie emojis

10. Another new take on a classic superhero story

fantastic 4 summer movie emojis

11. Hopefully this one's not as sad as The Fault In Our Stars

summer movie emojis paper towns


1. Ant-Man

2. Inside Out

3. Descendants

4. Teen Beach 2

5. Minions

6. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

7. Pitch Perfect 2

8. Tomorrowland

9. Jurassic World

10. Fantastic Four

11. Paper Towns

How'd you do? Let us know your results in the comments and tell us about the emojis you'll definitely be using today!