11 Everyday Things You Don't Realize You Should Be Grateful For

It's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is next week, folks!

To commemorate my absolute favorite holiday of the year, I've been filling up my gratitude jar when I wake up and before I go to bed, because guess what? It's a proven fact that expressing gratitude makes us happier people.

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But while we obviously all value our safety, health, friends and family, there are a slew of things that many of us (myself included) take for granted.

If you take a step back and think about all the joy that seemingly simple belongings and blessings can bring your way, you may be surprised at how much your gratitude will increase.

Check out my list below of 11 things you probably don't realize you should be grateful for:

1. A Shower

Whether we start off our day with a fresh rinse, dial the day down with a relaxing pre-snooze scrub, or cleanse after a sports game or long outing in the sun, a shower works wonders. Nothing compares to wrapping yourself up in a towel and feeling squeaky clean. Next time you bathe, think about it: Don't you feel better—mind, body and spirit?


2. A Comfy Bed

Sure, it's a given that we value our sleep, but we rarely actually lie in bed and think about our cozy comforter or soft down pillows—and if we do, it's never in a way where we take a moment to genuinely appreciate the amazingness of this comfort. An incredible bed is the key to a solid sleep and mellow mindset.

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3. A Song You Love

I don't know anyone who can say music doesn't play some sort of role in their lives. Whether it's simply background music for a car ride, school dance or birthday party—or it's the soundtrack to your every move, songs are prevalent to pretty much everyone. But have you really taken a moment to reflect on your fave tune? If you think about why you love the track so much and why you think it touches you the way it does, you may have a whole new love and appreciation for it.

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4. Your Fave Dish or Food Item

The other day, I was jotting down my daily five things I'm grateful for, and I thought to myself: I'm grateful for avocado today. When it comes to gratitude, appreciating the simpler things is almost even better. I had the most delicious sandwich and it def wouldn't have been complete without that creamy, delicious, green avocado.


5. Makeup

If you read my ode to ColourPop last year in honor of National Lipstick Day, then you know my love for a bold lip runs deep, but makeup in general—whether it be a shimmery highlighter, a flawless foundation or a shadow that makes our eyes pop—is a game changer! We tend to overlook how one simple swipe of any of our favorite products can give us confidence in the span of a finger-snap. It's not to say we need makeup to feel good about ourselves, but it's definitely something to be grateful for when we're in a bind.


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6. Ideal Weather

I am laughing as I write this (because this is pretty cliché), but after experiencing the Indian Summer heatwave that is Los Angeles, I've come to realize that hot or cold, having an ideal temperature is something to crave. That's just one of the reasons I'm obsessed with fall.


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7. An Influential Teacher, Boss or Mentor

We have plenty of teachers and bosses we cannot stand, but every now and then, we have an amazing superior who genuinely wants us to be a star. Instead of dwelling on the people we can't stand, if we focus on someone who makes a difference in our life, it should empower us! Whether we're having a good day or a bad one; laughing or crying, not everyone has someone they look up to, so if you've found that special someone who adores you unconditionally, cherish it!

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8. Great Dreams

Everything that happens in our life—even down to what we ate for dinner—affects our dreams. Obviously we will wake up (for better or worse) and realize our subconscious thoughts are simply just that—thoughts—but a good dream can totally inspire us or start off our day properly. When we're dealing with school nonsense and friend and crush dramz, our snooze-worthy moments are kind of a big deal. Let the good dreams roll (if we're lucky enough).????


9. A Good Night's Sleep

It's not just happy dreams you should be grateful for—getting a good night's sleep affects you in so many ways. Okay, I'm not going to preach that you need to get those full recommended eight hours every night, but getting even six solid uninterrupted hours of Zzzs is something that not everyone can say they do even once a week. As someone who struggles with even being able to fall asleep, let alone stay asleep, I can tell you I do not take this seemingly simple routine for granted. Oh, what I would give to wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

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10. Owning a Unique Skill or Trend

Duh, we all have skills. Whether they're obvious sports-related ones, or we just so happen to be the best speller in our class, we all have areas in which we excel. But, we all (myself included) sell ourselves short. That said, you know you have something interesting that sets you apart from the rest. Whether it's your knack for spotting an award-winning song before it gets big or being the first to rock a Kylie Lip Kit (wishful thinking), it's definitely fun to own up to something you know about more than anyone else. ????????


11. Having a Cell Phone

This is perhaps what we are all most guilty of taking for granted. After having my cell phone stolen, I can tell you that being without it is like being without a lifeline. It sounds so dramatic and over-the-top, but it's the truth. After being without a phone, I learned to never take the handy little device for granted—and neither should you! Did you know there was an era not too long ago when people didn't even have cell phones? And even when they did, it wasn't until just a few years ago that we had access to high-tech apps, high-quality cameras and photo editing tools! Seriously, you are so lucky to be living in an age where you can basically do everything except go to the bathroom through your phone. Don't take that for granted.


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