All Worrywarts Will Relate to These 12 Struggles

It's hard to say where people's excessive worrying characteristic originates.

Whether it's based on your environment, upbringing or other influence, always being concerned with moments that are out of your control is a far cry from fun.

Regardless of from where this form of anxiety stems, if you tend to worry on the reg, you'll probably relate to the below 12 struggles.


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1. You've created unfortunate scenarios in your mind and truly roll with them because you are absolutely convinced of negative outcomes. In actuality, things usually turn out quite the opposite and you are A-OK.

2. But going off of that, the main reason you convince yourself of such outcomes is mainly so that you keep yourself prepared. If something turns out poorly, at least you had yourself ready—and if something turns out great, you're in for an unexpected surprise!

3. When you're in bed at night, your mind spins like a hamster wheel with a long list of all the things that worry you. Sometimes the only way to fall asleep is to take a bath or focus on your breathing.

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4. You analyze every single detail of the photos you post on social media. Can they see that tiny stain? How about that hair out of place? Do my teeth look yellow? Friends assure you that your photos are just fine, but you still insist they're just being nice.


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5. You've been told time and time again that worrying is a completely useless emotion and that there is absolutely no point in wallowing in it, yet you can't seem to help yourself.

6. It's hard for you to live in the moment. Of course you have the ability to enjoy yourself and truly bask in a positive experience, but even in the thick of the happiness, there's at least a small part of you that's focusing on what's next.

7. If you leave a dirty dish in the sink for a whole day, you're terribly convinced the space will be covered in cockroaches or other bug forms once you finally get back home.

8. It's important to set plans with friends or your S.O. early in the week so that you're not left wondering if you're going to be lonely during the weekend.

9. Two words: Texting anxiety. Okay, this form of worry deserves an entire post in itself because there are so many subcategories—oh, wait! We already did devote an entire write-up to such struggles. Read them HERE.

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10. If you know an event lies ahead that doesn't excite you (ie. a birthday party you weren't invited to, a school dance you're not attending, a dentist appointment), you anticipate and stress about its outcome weeks beforehand instead of just letting it arrive and be gone before you know it.

11. You're convinced that because people you know have experienced a tragedy or accident of some sort, it's guaranteed to happen to you as well. That's life, right?

12. You've committed the ultimate no-no by comparing yourself to one of your pals. They have a boyfriend and I don't? They got an A on their math test and I didn't? Meanwhile, deep down you know that everyone has their own path and everyone's lives differ when it comes to family, friends, school and work. Just because someone excels in one area in which you feel you are lacking, doesn't mean they don't admire something you do particularly well.


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