The 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Grey's Anatomy Couples

In 14 years of Grey's Anatomy, we've seen all kinds of romantic relationships.

Some couples have made us believe in love again, while other relationships have fully convinced us that romance is dead and should never be revived.

So which couples are a go and which are a no? Keep scrolling for the five best and five worst Grey's Anatomy couples.

Worst: Izzie Stevens and George O'Malley

Izzie and George should have never been a couple. Not only did it ruin George's relationship with Callie, it was also such a random pairing. George and Izzie had shown no prior interest in each other, and then all of the sudden they felt this weird, undeniable need to be together. It totally messed with the beauty of their platonic friendship, and watching them together on screen made us severely uncomfortable.

Grey's Anatomy: Izzie and George laughing together

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Best: Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey

Mark and Lexie were far from the perfect couple, but we loved them all the same. Lexie was the first person who truly pulled Mark out of his playboy ways, and it was the first time we really got to see him care for and love another person. Their constant back and forth could get a little old after a while, but mostly because we just wanted them to get it together and commit to each other. If they had just been given a little more time, we think Mark and Lexie could have truly been great together.

Grey's Anatomy: Mark and Lexie kissing

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Worst: Mark Sloan and Addison Shepherd

Mark chewed through his fair share of women on the show, but if Mark and Lexie were one of the best couples, him and Addison were one of the worst. Seriously, Addison cheated on her husband with his best friend—it doesn't get more slimy than that. Then, they kind of made an attempt to make their relationship work, even though neither of them seemed like they were fully in it. It felt more like an attempt to prove that they hadn't ruined their lives for nothing, which was obviously incorrect. They got past it, but we still hate this temporary couple with a passion.

Grey's Anatomy: Mark and Addison looking at each other

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Best: Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres

Arizona and Callie are quite the complicated couple, but we'll still rank them as one our faves. They were so good for each other, crafting a truly loving and supportive romance that hinged on respect for each other and their individual goals. That is, until Callie made the difficult decision to amputate Arizona's leg. After that, their relationship was a lot of Arizona unfairly blaming Callie for everything that went wrong and Callie doing her best to take it and hold their lives together. We rank them as one of the best, however, because it seemed like they were finally starting to work through their issues, when Callie suddenly decided that there was no coming back from the years of problems they had. While we totally understand her decision, it did seem a bit hasty and misguided, given everything they'd been through. We still believe in the power of this couple, and might even see hope for them reuniting in the future, even if we don't see it on the show.

Grey's Anatomy: Callie and Arizona smiling at each other

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Worst: Cristina Yang and Preston Burke

Considering Burke was one of Cristina's great loves, it's hard to picture them as one of the worst couples. However, there was very little in this romance that was healthy for either person involved. In reality, Burke was highly controlling and manipulative. He kept forcing Cristina into decisions that she wasn't fully ready to make, but that she was willing to do because she loved him so much. He didn't respect her for who she was, and she didn't have a huge respect for him beyond his incredible talents as a surgeon, either. When he was dealing with his shaky hand, Cristina was just as much to blame for manipulating him into lying about it and hiding it for the sake of his career. In truth, they were a highly toxic romance, and Burke leaving Cristina at the altar was probably the best thing he ever did for her.

Grey's Anatomy: Cristina putting her hand on Burke's chest

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Best: April Kepner and Jackson Avery

April and Jackson have some of the most undeniable chemistry out of all the Grey'Anatomy couples. No matter how much they've tried to fight it, they always seem to find their way back to each other. They might not always be on the same page, but they're able to put their differences aside (for the most part) and create the best possible life for their child. Not only that, but they honestly have each other's best interests in mind, even though they've fought through some pretty traumatic events that could easily breed bitterness between the two of them. They might not end up together, but we'll always be big fans of their love story.

Grey's Anatomy: Jackson and April run away on April's wedding day

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Worst: Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt

There's no denying that this relationship is an actual disaster. Amelia was always lukewarm about everything to do with Owen—she almost ran away on her wedding day for goodness sake—and poor Owen finally thought that he found someone he could build a life with, only to have her completely flip the script on him as soon as they said "I do," and then effectively ghost him. Amelia has some deep issues that she needs to work through before she pulls other people into her mess, and she should have just left Owen alone. Also, how many more times is Owen going to fall for someone who wants the exact opposite of what he wants? Because it's just getting sad at this point.

Grey's Anatomy: Amelia and Owen sitting on bed holding hands and looking sad

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Best: Alex Karev and Jo Wilson

Alex and Jo have their fair share of issues, there's no denying that. However, most of their problems seem to come from not handling outside influences in the right manner, instead of the two of them having issues with each other. They have a problem using their words to work through their problems, but they genuinely love and support each other, even when they're incredibly angry at the other person. Plus, Alex has been through a lot, and Jo seems to understand his struggle better than anyone. We're definitely rooting for this couple.

Grey's Anatomy: Jo and Alex

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Worst: Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd

Grey's Anatomy would like us to believe that Meredith and Derek were one epic and amazing love story, but you know what? We're not buying it. While Meredith and Derek undoubtedly had an epic love, that doesn't necessarily mean it was a good relationship. Beyond the many times they went out of their way to hurt one another, they also just couldn't get on the same page. There were very few moments in their romance that were actually happy and healthy, and the rest of the time was spent arguing and disagreeing about the course of their life. Derek didn't have a lot of respect for Meredith's career or feelings, and Meredith was too caught up in her "dark and twisty" emotions to put the real work in to fix the problems in their relationship. They had some great moments, but overall we still consider them one of the worst couples in Grey's Anatomy. 

Grey's Anatomy: Derek leans in close to Meredith

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Best: Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren

Bailey and Ben are everything a relationship should be. They've had their fair share of issues, but they've worked together to overcome their differences and keep their family intact. When Bailey becomes the chief and subsequently the most hated person in the hospital, she and Ben are able to keep their work life and their home life separate, and preserve their relationship in the process. They're able to be honest with each other while still supporting each other's dreams—and beyond that, you can just tell that they really love each other. 10/10 for Bailey and Ben.

Grey's Anatomy: Bailey and Ben dancing on their wedding day

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