The 5 Worst Reasons to Get Into a Relationship

Being in a relationship can sound like the ultimate teenage dream.

Ah, at last—hand-holding, uncontrollable giggling in quiet spaces, having someone fun to hang out with on the reg… perfection, right?

Well, TBH, all of the above can potentially hold true. But only if two people are in a relationship for the right reasons. Being in a relationship just to be in one isn't going to create those magical butterflies with your partner just because now you're suddenly a couple. Being in a successful relationship requires openness, trust, a certain level of confidence, vulnerability, attraction, a deep connection—there's a lot more to it than simply agreeing to date exclusively.

Keep scrolling for the five worst reasons to seek out a relationship—and if you fit any of the following, you should probably hold off for now.

1. All Your Close Friends Are in Relationships

We've been there, so we definitely understand the struggle of playing third wheel on a movie date or rollin' solo to a school dance in a huge group of people. Watching all your friends' single statuses drop like flies is tough, but just because you feel left out doesn't mean you need to go running to the first single someone who looks in your direction.

Forcing yourself to date just so you have more in common with your friends is not the answer. You'll likely end up with someone you don't really care about and who you don't necessarily connect with. Instead, take advantage of your single status and use it as time to focus on you. Work out more, meditate, make new friends, bake with your mom. The more comfortable and confident you are with yourself, the more ready you'll really be to get into a relationship (for the right reasons).

Archie gang at Pops

(Riverdale via The CW)


2. You Idolize an On-Camera Couple

Bughead has had plenty of #couplegoals moments on Riverdale, and sure, Elle and Noah shared a few incredibly passionate kisses on The Kissing Booth—but guess what? They're fictional! And even though we're guilty of getting googly-eyed over the real-life romances of both of these on-camera couples, we don't actually know what goes on between them behind closed doors. It's easy to idolize actors and characters alike, but that's the point. Characters are created with the intention of connecting to us. And it's part of a celebrity's job to become likable to their fans. Of course Jacob Elordi and Joey King are going to merrily flaunt their IRL relationship all over social media. It sells their film, duh!

Just because these people (fictional or not) come off a certain way doesn't mean you need to aspire to be them. Even when you do get into a relationship, it's not going to be just like any of the ones you fantasize about anyway. Sorry, no two relationships are the same, so if that's why you want to date someone, you may as well give up now.

Betty kissing Jughead's cheek

(Riverdale via The CW)


3. You're Bored

One of the biggest perks of being coupled-up is the built-in companionship you get from your partner. If your eyes are burning because you've spent way too much time in front of Netflix and you need to get out the house, voila—you've got someone to frolic with you through fields if you so choose. Following a monotonous routine isn't fun, but if you only want a relationship because you're bored, you're not taking into account all the other things that come along with being committed. So, great, you have someone to do things with, but if you aren't even into the person or you aren't ready to let them see more to you than just your fun side, this isn't going to work.


4. You're Lonely

Going off of No. 3, being in a relationship pretty much guarantees you'll always have someone there when you need them. But dating someone simply because you're lonely only sets you up for disaster if you and that person break up. You'll be back to square one, and actually probably feel even worse because you were so dependent on having that person around. Instead of jumping into a relationship, focus on bettering yourself and becoming more content with spending time alone. Once you get to a comfortable place with yourself, you'll then be able to successfully handle being with someone because you won't be so codependent. No one wants to be with the needy, clingy girl.

Riverdale: Cheryl Blossom crying

(Riverdale via The CW)


5. You Want Someone to Spoil You

Ah, yes, another big perk of being in a relationship is having someone take you to the movies, cook you dinner, buy you jewelry for your birthday—you get it. But that type of behavior doesn't just happen overnight. People spoil partners they truly love, and use this form of expression as a way to let them know how much they care about them. Also, everyone has their own way of sharing how they feel about someone, and you can't be sure that whomever you date will stop at nothing to shower you with gifts.

Either way, if you go into dating with the sole intention of being spoiled, it's only going to set you up for disaster down the line. You don't want to get in this mindset. Focus on developing a deep connection first, and worry about the rest later. Once someone picks up on your material intentions, they'll drop you like a hot potato!


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