The 9 Worst Times to Break Up With Someone

We're not going to sugarcoat reality: There's never a "right" or easy time to call it quits with someone you're dating.

That said, there are certain instances that are worse than others. If you actually care about the person's feelings (and, hey, there's a chance you may not), you might have to hold on to the relationship slightly longer than you'd prefer (but of course, don't let it linger too long).

If you're in a weird place of wanting to end things but also want to make sure it's in a respectful setting, keep reading for the nine worst times to break up with someone:

1. Right Before a Big Test or Finals Week

This is kind of a no-brainer, but you don't want to drop the bomb on them as they prep for something huge in their academic life. Let them get their studies out of the way without outside distractions, and once that final assignment or project is handed in, you can then go in with your bad news.

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2. Right Before or on Their Birthday

This one's tough because if you don't want to date someone anymore, you shouldn't be obligated to spend their most important day with them. That said, because you actually have a heart, you also don't want to leave them crushed in misery when that special day comes. So, you suck it up, let them enjoy their birthday in peace, and then a few days after the festivities cease, you drop the ball.


3. Right Before a Big Competition

Much like No 1., it's an unwise decision to split from someone right before a big competition. So whether it's a sporting event or a chess match, if it's something meaningful that they've put all of their energy into for weeks, let them concentrate on that for now. Once it's over, you're free to speak your mind.

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4. Right After Someone Close to Them Passes Away

While an S.O.'s tragedy should never become an obligation to stay with them, breaking up them at the peak of their mourning probably isn't the best idea—especially since you actually care about their feelings. Be there for the beginning stages and maintain that you'll still be there for them as a friend, but after a few weeks, do what you've got to do.


5. At a Friend or Family Member's Big Event

You know how everyone talks smack on people who get engaged at other people's celebratory events? Well, same should go for breaking up with someone. You are somewhere upbeat to honor someone close to you (or to your S.O.), so just let them have their moment and hang on to your relationship for one more measly day.

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6. Right Before Something You've Invited Them To

It's one thing if you and your S.O. have a big blowout fight leading up something you are planning to go to together, but if you're just no longer feeling the relationship, suck it up and take them to whatever it is you invited them to. They're probably excited about the plans, so make the outing enjoyable and end things after.


7. While They're on Vacation Without You

Breaking up with someone needs to happen before or after they go on vacation. If you do it before, it may initially ruin their time away, but at least they have the option to meet someone else. If you do it after, then at least they've had an enjoyable vacay without distractions. Doing it during just puts a damper on everything. You're not seeing them during that time anyway, so it's not like there's any reason to end things in the middle.

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8. When You're on a Group Date

A breakup is very personal, and doing it in the company of others is not only putting them on blast, but showing them you really didn't value the relationship. Save the intimate discussion for the two of you and keep the group date light.


9. When You're on a Romantic Date

We get that you may have to break up with someone while the two of you are out doing something together, but try to avoid doing it during a romantic date. Such events are hard to come by, so try to embrace the outing and save the split-talk for a more casual scenario.

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