Writual Planner's Tarot Journal Is an Accessible Guide to Self-Care and Personal Reflection

I'll admit that I'm terrible at sticking to planners.

While I've tried a lot of them over the years, I tend to drop them after just a few weeks. Over time, I've picked and chosen what methods work best for me and incorporated them into a digital to-do list that helps me stay on top of projects while keeping me motivated. I've also been drawing a daily tarot card for a little guidance for years, but I thought of it as an unrelated self-care practice. That is until I was introduced to Writual Planner.

The self-care-driven tarot journal is all about using the knowledge of the tarot as a way to look inward and find meaning in the everyday. When I reached out to the brand, they were kind enough to hook me up with a Writual Planner of my own to try and share my experience, and I can already say this is not a practice I intend to stop anytime soon.

The Brand

Writual Planner's flagship product is their Writual Tarot Journal. These beautiful 216-page, 12-month spiral-bound paperback journals include almost everything you need to plan and capture your personal tarot journey over the course of a year. The brand also sells tarot decks, as well as affirmation and angel card decks and so much more. They also have candles, smudging bundles, essential oil blends, crystals, bath bombs, decor and jewelry for all of your spiritual needs.

What makes these Writual Tarot Journals so special is how they guide every step of your tarot experience. Whether you're already an expert or are just getting started, it's packed with information to teach you the basics of astrology and phases of the moon, as well as tarot, giving users enough information to get started while also pointing them in the right direction for further learning.

Writual Tarot Journals by themselves sell for $44 each and start with the current month, so you get a full year of tarot journaling no matter when you decide to start. Right when you order, you also get a printable version of the current month's pages emailed to you immediately. You can also pay $50 for the journal and two sets of tarot sticker sheets representing each and every card in the tarot deck, or $85 for the journal plus a stamp set including every card in the Major Arcana. There's also a printable version available for a discount at $24, an interactive digital PDF download available for $28 on tablets, as well as an updated version available for $28.

And if you're interested in supplemental materials for the year, the brand offers those, too. Writual Society Monthly Notebooks costs $16 each, while the 2022 Planetary Review is available for $20.


The Writual

I decided to start my Writual experience with the Writual Tarot Journal itself, as it seemed to contain the most information on how to get started and what these journals are all about, and I was very right. The features of this planner can be almost overwhelming, but I promise that sticking with it and learning everything you can is fully worth it.

Writual Planner and Stones

(via Writual Planner)

The journal starts with explainers on how to use it, from its calendars and monthly journaling outlines to a super accessible astrological reference guide, general tarot card meanings (for both upright and reversed cards), handy two-and three-card tarot spreads and even a place to fill out your birth chart for your reference.

Writual Tarot Journal Star Chart

(via Writual Planner)

All of this was great preparation for the huge 13-card tarot spread they have for mapping out the year ahead, with one for each month, and another card for the energy of the whole year. I loved cleansing and shuffling my deck, picking out my 13 cards and using the included tarot stickers to see it all laid out in front of me. For the year, the 3 of Wands signaled growth, expansion and maximizing my potential.

From there, I turned to the Writual Society 2022 Planetary Review book. This small notebook and workbook covers all of the significant astrological events throughout the year, with in-depth information on everything from ingresses, retrogrades and eclipses to the meanings each of the planets holds in our lives. I especially liked the spaces for tarot spreads to discover what each planet will bring you during the year.

Writual Society 2022 Review

(via Writual Planner)

Next, I read through the Writual Society Monthly Workbook. This was a useful overview of the month as a whole, explaining astrological events as well as things like tarot cards representative of the month, the best yoga stretches and crystals for February, and some information on the sign of Aquarius. I actually started using Writual on Feb. 8, meaning I had missed the first of the month and the spread it recommended for the Celtic celebration of Imbolc. Still, I decided to pull cards anyway to discover that I should use the spring season to focus on good habits, celebrate my achievements and do a better job focusing on the positive and bouncing back from setbacks.

Writual Society Monthly Workbook

(via Writual Planner)

But I really feel like I've gotten the most use out of the Writual Tarot Journal itself. In addition to the yearly outline, it also starts each month with an area for setting intentions. I just filled out the March section yesterday, and after writing down everything from my intentions and priorities to my goals and action steps, I was deep in my intentions, and the cards I pulled felt absurdly appropriate for the month ahead.

Writual Planner monthly planning

(via Writual Planner)

For my Energy for the Month, I pulled the Page of Pentacles, which speaks of fruitful new projects, a renewed sense of dedication and long-term abundance and success, which aligns completely with what's been going on for me career-wise. For Spirit, I pulled the High Priestess, the embodiment of spirituality, higher awareness and intuition.

And I've also made good use of the weekly and day-to-day tarot journaling. It has a space for pulling one card representing the week as a whole and provides room for up to three-card spreads for each day of the week. My favorite spread is the Day as a Whole/Mindful of/Embrace spread, which I use most workdays. Because of the broad meanings of the cards, it's very rare that I pull a card and don't see how it applies directly to my situation and gives me guidance in the right direction.

Writual Planner Weekly Tarot Journal

(via Writual Planner)

Thanks to the tarot stickers, I've also been able to see which cards I pull the most often (since I've already used up two of them in a month). So far, my most common pulls have been The Devil (avoiding negative influences), the Page of Wands (embracing opportunity), the 9 of Swords (excessive, unnecessary worry) and the 2 of Cups (partnership and unconditional love), which has taught me a lot about myself, and to see how much I am achieving while reminding me not to push myself too hard. I also have to mention the stamp set they include is really innovative, including a clear block for placing the replaceable stamp faces, and an ink pad (though I recommend using less ink than you think you need because it can bleed through the pages).

I'm also a big fan of the fact that the calendar tracks the moon. I've always liked following the new and full moons, and knowing what signs they're in, and thus the energy they bring. The back of the journal features an in-depth moon calendar for every day of the year, plus full-page spreads for each new and full moon, and what each one symbolizes. Tonight is the new moon in Pisces, and I can't wait to see what the cards say I'll be manifesting.

Writual Planner cover and pages inside

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Bottom Line

Now that I've incorporated it into my routine, my days just aren't the same if I don'start them with Writual. There's so much good information included in their Writual Tarot Journal that even beginners will be able to utilize it, and it helps me start each and every day with intention and self-care first and foremost. And, when my planner for this year runs out, I fully intend to start using the unmarked planner I was sent to keep the Writual going.


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