Wyn Starks Talks Life Beyond AGT and the Growth of His Hit 'Who I Am'

We don't know if it's possible to watch Wyn Starks' stunning America's Got Talent performance of his original song "Who I Am" and not instantly fall in love with his incredible voice.

The Minneapolis native won hearts all over the country and beyond last summer with his audition, bringing the audience to their feet and even bringing judge Sofia Vergara to tears with his pure and authentic voice as he shared his story of grief and self-discovery. Even though he didn't make it to the finals, the song exploded, with the audition getting more than 4 million views on YouTube alone.

And last month, Wyn released a new video, returning to his hometown to perform the track for his friends and family, with more meaning behind the words than ever. We had the pleasure of speaking with him all about the song, his journey and what it means to him that his heartfelt track is resonating so deeply with fans. Read the interview below.

The Story Behind 'Who I Am'

Wyn Starks: I originally wrote "Who I Am" to tell the story of my journey in becoming Wyn Starks. I wrote it with my friends, Josh Bronleewe and Vanessa Campagna.


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What 'Who I Am' Means

WS: It's taken on a whole new meaning since AGT because I've connected with so many other people who have gone through grief and are searching for a sense of identity. Honestly, it's been healing for me and my journey.


On the Fans' Reactions

WS: It's incredible! Realizing how impactful my music can be has been so fulfilling. As I mentioned, connecting with people struggling with grief and searching for a sense of identity has been very rewarding.

Wyn Starks suit and hat photo

(Photo credit: Anna Haas)


On 'Who I Am' Taking on a New Life

WS: Oh yeah. It's taking on a new meaning after sharing my story on AGT. It's continued to resonate with me because I'm still on my journey. Now I get to take so many other people with me, which is cool.


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Wyn's Favorite Lyric

WS: "It's always been there. It just took me a minute to find it." I always say there was this little boy locked in this cage. I became everything to everyone else. I lived a long time trying to please everyone and do what others expected of me instead of following my heart. I'm finally beginning to do that, and I feel like I'm letting that little boy out. He's soaring now!


What's Next

WS: Thank you for this interview. I look forward to sharing more music with people. I have some incredible things coming up that I can't wait to share.


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