This Adorable Zelda-Inspired Sequencer Lets You Make Music With Koroks

If you're as endlessly charmed by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Koroks as we are, prepare to spend the next hour or so playing around with this ridiculously cute music sequencer.

Created by Louie Zong, a music lover and board artist on Cartoon Network'We Bare Bears, this simple Yahaha Beats sequencer lets you place Korok leaves to generate twinkling notes, coming together as bigger musical pieces.

Yahaha Beats Korok music sequencer

(via Yahaha Beats)

There's not too much to the sequencer, but it's just whimsical enough to captivate. Each leaf makes a different tone depending on where it's placed, and as the stick moves to the right of the screen, those notes are played. You can also play leaves along the timeline for a maraca-like shaker sound.

You can't make very long compositions—it loops after about six seconds—but it's enough to try things out to get the sounds you like. I was quite happy with my Korok rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," shown above.

Its creator is better at it than I am.

The sequencer isn't perfect. Right clicks are meant to remove any misplaced leaves, but it often doesn't work. Leaves should also be able to be clicked and dragged, but sometimes they refuse to budge. Still, Zelda fans will be able to look past its flaws. Overall, it's a player fit for any Korok.

Click here to create your own Yahaha Beats.


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