How Yasmin Maya's Self-Taught Love for Makeup Led to Her YouTube Channel and Birdy Lashes

We're not exaggerating when we say that when we think of falsies, Yasmin Maya and her lash brand Birdy Lashes immediately come to mind.

Yasmin has been a key figure in the YouTube beauty space, launching her Beautyybird channel almost a decade ago and earning more than a million subscribers thanks to her relatable and authentic approach—as well as some seriously impeccable looks. In 2020, she also branched out as an entrepreneur as founder and CEO of the new brand Birdy Lashes. We got the chance to chat with Yasmin all about her experience in the beauty space, what makes Birdy Lashes so special and what her Latina culture has to do with everything she does. Keep reading to learn more.

Name: Yasmin Maya

IG handles: @beautyybird and @birdylashesbeauty

Hometown: Carpinteria, California

Zodiac sign: Gemini


1. Yasmin grew up with brothers around the same age, and that didn't give her mom time to sit down with her and teach her how to do her makeup.

"I learned on my own by playing with my mom's makeup. I loved it so much that with practice, I was able to master it very quickly and would do my mom's and tia's makeup on the holidays or special occasions. From there, once I started my YouTube channel, I started freelancing doing girls' makeup on the weekends."

-Yasmin Maya

yasmin maya gold headshot

(Image courtesy of Yasmin Maya)

2. It wasn't long after she started her YouTube channel that she knew her future was in the beauty industry.


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3. The name Birdy Lashes has deep personal significance to her.

"I grew up with the nickname Birdy, and lashes are what got me the courage to start in the beauty industry by launching my YouTube channel, so it has a special meaning of telling my story."

-Yasmin Maya

Birdy Lashes gemini lashes

(via Birdy Lashes)

4. Yasmin decided to emphasize lashes with her brand because they're an area many makeup lovers struggle with while being the cherry on top when it comes to great looks.

"I want to be the one-stop brand of everything lashes from beginners to experts and provide luxurious items at an affordable price."

-Yasmin Maya

5. The brand's mission statement is to provide luxury items at an affordable price while presenting the Latino community.

"We like to think of innovative products and ways to make it easier for the consumer to make their eyes stand out and make them feel their best."

-Yasmin Maya

6. Yasmin's Wing It Máscara is her one must-have lash product.

"It holds a special place in my heart since it was the first product I ever applied on myself, and it's the first prep step when it comes to applying your falsies."

-Yasmin Maya

birdy lashes yasmin maya applying mascara

(Image courtesy of Yasmin Maya)


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7. The best advice she ever got came from her followers, who told Yasmin to always remain true to her authentic self.

"The moment they heard me listening to Spanish music in the background of one of my videos was when I opened up about my culture and story, and it's what connected me with my audience on a deeper level."

-Yasmin Maya

8. She believes consistency has been the key to her success, as well as listening closely to her audience.

"At the end, it's for them that I do what I do."

-Yasmin Maya

9. Her biggest lash tip is to use the brand's Birdyliner to make the entire process simpler.

"It will act as an eyeliner and adhesive, making the application process easier. Also, when applying the top lashes, hold the mirror down to better see where you're applying your lashes."

-Yasmin Maya


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10. She says the most rewarding thing about her work has been inspiring people around the world and being able to connect with them.

11. To Yasmin, her culture as a Latina means unity.

"We, as Latinos, are so moved by the love and respect we have within our people that we will always be there for each other through all the good and bad. We love hard, and that's what I love about our culture."

-Yasmin Maya

Birdy lashes yasmin maya headshot

(Image courtesy of Yasmin Maya)

11. If there's one thing Yasmin wants people to know about her, it's this:

"I want to be remembered as the girl who told you to live your life un día a la vez."

-Yasmin Maya


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