16 Types of Yearbook Inscriptions You Dread Every Year

Getting signatures in your yearbook is the highlight of the last week of school.

Excitement is in the air because school is about to be out for summer, but before you leave the halls of high school behind you, a little classmate love must be scrawled in the pages of our favorite time capsule, the yearbook.

Sharpay signing yearbooks High School Musical 2

(High School Musical 2 via Walt Disney Pictures)

As whimsical and completely Riverdale-ian as it seems, we have to admit that there are a few types of yearbook inscriptions we completely dread receiving.

Scroll the list below to see which ones apply to you:

1. The person who writes the short but not-so-sweet message, "Have a great summer," or worse, simply the acronym.

2. The person who you don't know that well but takes up an entire page anyway.

3. The good friend who continually puts off their inscription until finally they just scrawl a half-hearted message… if that.

4. The person who gets way too real about the past year's drams and airs your dirty laundry for everybody to read.

Classmate signatures from Monsters University Fearbook

(via Monsters University Fearbook)

5. The person who writes so illegibly that you can't decode their message.

6. The crush who you really really hope pens a love confession but, alas, just writes, "HAGS."

7. Alternatively, the person who's crushing on you and writes a sad and sappy love note that leaves you feeling guilty.

8. The person who writes smack-dab in the middle of a new page so everyone has to contort their message around it.

9. The person who draws on other students' photos.

10. The person who you don't really want to sign your yearbook but asked to sign yours, so…

11. The person who hides their inscription on a random page not dedicated to signatures.

Signature in Monsters University Fearbook

(via Monsters University Fearbook)

12. The person who thinks you're way better friends than you are and writes a much more personal message than you wrote in theirs.

13. The person who takes a million years to sign because they use alternating Sharpie colors for each letter.

14. The person who just signs their name. What's that about? This isn't a cast…

15. The person who writes, "See you next year," which is basically a passive-aggressive way of saying, "Don't call me this summer."

16. The person who writes in Sharpie on non-Sharpie compatible pages which bleeds through to the other side rendering other signatures illegible.


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