Show Off Your Yellow Outfit With One of These Instagram Captions

Yellow is such a happy color, and anytime we wear it, our moods are instantly boosted!

From little pops of yellow in a purse to big statements with a bright dress, yellow is a color in fashion many people are too afraid to wear. But, if you're on the daring side and love to wear yellow, be sure to show it off with one of the following Instagram captions!

For when you're looking as fresh as a daisy:

"Flower child—you are about to bloom."


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For when you stand out in your outfit:

"Be a sunflower in a field of daisies."



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For when you're drinking lemonade in your yellow dress:

"When life gives you lemons…"



For when you're rocking yellow earrings:

"The color yellow makes me smile."



For when you're basking in the sun:

"How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun."

-Vincent Van Gogh


For when you can't stop smiling in your adorable yellow outfit:

"Mellow, yellow? More like hello, yellow!"



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For when you're tanning outside in a yellow bathing suit:

"Create your own sunshine."



For when your entire outfit is yellow:

"And it was all yellow."

-"Yellow," Coldplay


For when you're wearing all sorts of yellow shades:

"Live life in warm yellows."


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For when you're wearing a beautiful yellow dress:

"Don't stress—just wear a yellow dress!"



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