Yellow Scope Makes Science Kits Built To Inspire Girls!

A startup called Yellow Scope creates amazing science kits just for girls, but they need your help to get off the ground through their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!yellow scope science kits for girls

Yellow Scope was found by moms and scientists Kelly McCollum and Marcie Colledge and aims to get girls hooked on science at a young age, encouraging them to try their hand at rigorous yet creative and engaging science projects, learning the steps of the scientific method along the way.

Most girls are confident in their scientific abilities in the 4th grade, but most girls lose confidence in the subject before the end of middle school.

This begins with the idea that girls aren't scientists, which just isn't true! Though the stereotypical scientist is an older man, females are just as equipped to do science as the boys.

It doesn't help that females are underrepresented in the sciences, providing fewer women role models in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM jobs.

But Yellow Scope hopes to make a change, letting girls know that they can be anything they want. When science is presented in a way that encourages creativity, girls find it easier to relate the the subject and stick with it!

The kits include real lab equipment and chemical reagents, as well as notebooks and art supplies to document girls' findings in an artistic but scientific manner.

The Kickstarter funding is currently in progress! You can make a donation here if you care about the cause and view their website here!

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