Yishi Asian-Inspired Oatmeals Are a Wholesome and Intentional Way to Start Your Day

Even when I've been working fully from home, I don't always do a great job at eating a balanced and nutritious breakfast.

Often, I find myself turning to something sugary, greasy or otherwise unhealthy just because it's easy and tasty (as well as the simplest thing to eat at my desk while I work). Usually, that comes to bite me, because when I don't eat well, I can start feeling sluggish and tired even before that post-lunch slump.

But Yishi is a brand that aims to do breakfast differently. Their Asian-inspired oatmeals are packed with good-for-you ingredients and crafted with wellness in mind, and as soon as I saw the list of flavors, I knew I had the try them. The team behind Yishi was kind enough to send me samples of all five flavors, and I've become an instant fan.

The Brand

Yishi was founded by Lin Jiang. She was born in China and grew up on black sesame seed cereal, which has been a staple food in the country for hundreds of years because of its flavor, heartiness and nutrition. Years later, seeking healthier (and tastier) breakfast options, she revisited the classic, but was unsatisfied with the options available in Chinese supermarkets, which were high in sugar as well as calories. She decided to start making it from scratch at home, and when her American friends loved it, she realized she was on to something. She could share the recipe with the world to provide a tasty, easy and healthy breakfast option to the masses.

The result is Yishi, which means "ritual," because it turns breakfast into an act of self-love and nourishment. It's based on the idea that food is medicine, and is made with ingredients that are both functional and purposefully chosen. The five tasty flavors are inspired by her heritage and love for Chinese food, while being plant-based and organic, keto-friendly and free of gluten and dairy. For my review, I received a cup of each flavor. A five-pack of 1.8 oz cups sells for $14.95, while individual cup flavors are available in six-packs for $16.99 or 18-packs for $45—though Yishi is also available in sample sizes, pouches and more.

Yishi oatmeal five flavors

(via Yishi)


The Oatmeal

Sweet Osmanthus

For this review, I decided to start with the Sweet Osmanthus flavor because I didn't actually have any idea what it was. A little research revealed that osmanthus is a flower that's common in China, and that it's known for its calming scent, which is why this oatmeal is specifically "for calm."

Preparation was super easy. I just peeled the lid back a bit, added a third of a cup of hot water and stirred before allowing it to sit for four minutes. The result was a perfectly cooked (and delightfully fragrant) oatmeal with a nutty flavor and a nice amount of crunch. Hemp seeds, almonds and flax gave it a great texture, while turmeric added flavor. It wasn't a huge serving of oatmeal, but it left me feeling satisfied without being weighed down—and maybe it was all in my head, but it really did make me feel calmer.

After eating it, I was super excited because I knew precisely what I'd be eating for breakfast for the next four days. It was going to be a very good week.

Yishi oatmeal sweet osmanthus

(via Yishi)


Red Bean Berry

Red bean is a classic ingredient in many sweet Asian dishes, so I looked forward to how this oatmeal in particular would taste. After preparing it, I was a little bit surprised by the tartness added with the inclusion of red date, goji berries and cherries, but I was delighted with this new and unique flavor combination. The earthy yet sweet taste of the red bean was balanced well by the fruity berry flavors to make another delicious oatmeal. This one is "for radiance," and I felt great after eating it, so it got the job done!

Yishi oatmeal red bean berry

(via Yishi)


Taro Bubble Tea

Taro is another ingredient I've become well-acquainted with over the years, and it was great to see it implemented in this unique oatmeal. They're also not kidding about it being bubble tea-flavored, as this oatmeal incorporates actual black tea. The result is earthy, warm oatmeal with a hint of blueberry sweetness and chia seeds for a nice crunch. It's also got about as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee, so when they say it's "for focus," they're not messing around.

Yishi oatmeal taro bubble tea

(via Yishi)


Matcha Latte

Matcha can be a hit-or-miss flavor for me, but Yishi gets it just right in their oatmeal. The grassy, earthy flavor is complemented by coconut, plus almond, hemp and flaxseed, to create something ultra hearty, delicious and easy to eat. This one is "for vitality" and contains as much caffeine as a sixth of a cup of coffee, for a small but noticeable boost to get your day started.

Yishi oatmeal matcha latte

(via Yishi)


Toasted Black Sesame

Last but not least, it was time to try the flavor that started it all, the Toasted Black Sesame. The wait was well worth it. Toasted sesame is such a delicious flavor, with all of its nutty and earthy notes, and it brought out the very best in the oats, plus chia, flax and hemp seeds, almonds and walnuts. This flavor is "for energy," and indeed it left me feeling energized and ready for anything. And the experience was over far too soon. I was a little bit sad that my Yishi adventure was finished—but at least I can always order more!

Yishi oatmeal toasted black sesame

(via Yishi)


Bottom Line

If you're looking for a tasty, simple way to start your days off right with delicious Asian-inspired flavors, you can't do any better than Yishi. Their five flavors with five purposes mean there's a little something for everyone, and they'll leave you feeling amazing. They are definitely a little more expensive than your average oatmeal, but for these great ingredients and flavors, I think they're totally worth it.


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