13 Items Every Yogi Needs in Their Life

Yogis, it's your lucky week because this Wed., June 21, is International Yoga day.

In honor of the zen-filled day, we've gathered 13 items that you, as a dedicated yogi, will find hard to resist.

Scroll below and prepare to feel at peace. ✌️

Yoga Headband: $5

Inhale as you envision yourself wearing this gorgeous teal headband during one of your yoga sweat sessions.

Yoga headband from etsy

(via Etsy)


Yoga Mat Spray: $9.95

Exhale as you think about spraying one of these calming sprays on your mat.

Yoga mat spray from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Namaste Tank: $23

Inhale as you picture yourself sporting this chic and simple "Namaste" tank.

Namaste tank


(via Etsy)


Chakra Bracelet: $21.70

Exhale as you envision yourself wearing this colorful chakra bracelet.

Chakra bracelet from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Yoga Mat: $91.53

Inhale as you dream of the day when this beautiful lavender yoga mat shows up on your doorstep.

Purple yoga mat

(via Etsy)


Unicorn Yoga Mug: $15

Exhale as you think about yourself sipping your morning coffee out of this adorable unicorn mug.

Unicorn yoga mug

(via Etsy)


Be Here Now Bracelet: $20

Inhale as you imagine wearing this bracelet as a friendly reminder to really "Be Here Now."

Be Here Now Bracelet from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Yoga-Inspired Prints: $6

Exhale as you think about where you will place these calming prints in your room.

Yoga inspired art work

(via Etsy)


Lotus Earrings: $18

Inhale as you geek out over these incredibly simple lotus earrings.

Lotus stud earrings

(via Etsy)


Tropical Yoga Mat Bag: $27.37

Exhale as you picture this gorg yoga mat bag belonging to you!

Tropical yoga mat bag

(via Etsy)


Yoga Planner Stickers: $3.75

Inhale as you think of all the planning you can get done with these petite lil' yoga planner stickers.

Yoga planner stickers

(via Etsy)


Personalized Water Bottle: $39.95

Exhale as you admire this personalized yoga water bottle.

Personalized yoga water bottle

(via Etsy)


Yoga Socks: $17.38

And finally, inhale as you obsess over these amazing knit yoga socks.

Yoga socks

(via Etsy)


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