Ease Yourself Into Yoga With These 8 Incredible Yoga Channels

Whether you are looking for a way to ease anxiety and stress, or just want to incorporate a new physical activity into your life, yoga is the way to go.

The ancient practice has countless health benefits for the mind and body, truly making it the gift that keeps on giving. Of course, if you're brand new to yoga, navigating the wide variety of classes can be intimidating. Plus, not everybody has access to affordable in-person classes. Lucky for all of us, there's a way to learn from the experts without ever stepping outside—or spending a penny.

If experiencing the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your living room sounds intriguing, look no further. We got you covered with eight of our all-time favorite channels to choose from. So, roll out your mat, throw your phone on "Do Not Disturb" and get stretching with these incredible instructors.

1. Yoga with Kassandra

With more than 700 yoga classes on her channel, Kassandra is a master when it comes to her yoga practice. Her videos focus primarily on Yin and Vinyasa yoga—either of which is the perfect way to start or end your day. We recommend her "After Work Yoga" classes to get you through your busy week.


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2. Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley, also known as "The Beyoncé of Yoga," aims to empower voices, develop a practice of self-acceptance and help you maintain your inner peace. If you are on a journey of self-love, yoga and all things wellness, you will love Jessamyn. With two books under her belt, multiple podcasts, a thriving YouTube channel and her hilarious sense of humor, we often find ourselves asking, what would Jessamyn do? Sign up for a two-week free trial with her app, The Underbelly, or enjoy her free content on YouTube. Whatever platform you choose to follow Jessamyn on, we promise you won't be sorry.


3. Yoga with Bird

Bird, a practicing yogi since 2012, has created a warm and inviting online space for people at any level of their yoga journey. She's known for her gentle approach and restorative techniques, and we're confident her videos will positively contribute to your life. With videos ranging from five minutes to an hour, Yoga with Bird is the perfect channel for easing anyone's yoga jitters.


4. Yoga with Zelinda

Zelinda Yañez, founder and senior teacher at The Yoga Room, is on a mission to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for all. Whatever you may struggle with, from hip mobility to staying focused, Zelinda has got you covered. Over the years, Zelinda has even become a worldwide leader in yoga therapy.


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5. Natasha Noel

Named one of BBC's 100 Women back in 2019, Natasha Noel is a powerhouse when it comes to wellness and fitness. Despite her difficult past, Natasha aims to "uplift humans" while helping people on the road to self-acceptance and recovery. She uses her platform to teach people about the power of mental well-being and body positivity. Her videos are a must for anyone exploring the world of yoga. You can check out her "I Uplift Humans" Tedx Talk below.


6. Yoga with Adriene

The New York Times has coined Adriene Mishler "the reigning queen of pandemic yoga," and for good reason. With nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube, Yoga with Adriene is everything you might want in a yoga channel. With her adorable furry friend, Benji making frequent appearances, Adriene's videos are unmatched. Follow along on her 30-day yoga challenges, or pick and choose your favorites.


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7. Indian Yoga Girl

While she only started her YouTube channel a few years ago, Sumedha, founder of Indian Yoga Girl, has managed to amass a cult following of yogis worldwide. After working a variety of different jobs, Sumedha was able to find her true calling and passion through her yoga practice. Her love for yoga and mindfulness is evident in every video she releases—and her playful and creative nature is particularly infectious.


8. KinoYoga

Kino is a yoga instructor, podcaster, video producer, author and so much more. After starting her practice over 25 years ago, Kino wants to show the world how yoga is so much more than just a "workout," and she truly never stops moving. Kino also created the world's first yoga TV network, Omstars, allowing anyone to practice and learn about yoga anywhere in the world.


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