As you already know, we are obsessed with baking and YouTube.

So when someone as awesome as Yolanda Gampp combines these two things for us, we just have to get to know them on a personal level.

We discussed everything with her, from weird habits to favorite movies, and you’ll want to read every detail about the How to Cake It creator below!


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Name: Yolanda Gampp

Birthplace: Canada

Birthday: Jul. 21

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. She would love to renovate her childhood home one day. “My mother currently still lives there, and I can’t wait to give it new life because it holds such wonderful memories,” she gushed to Sweety High.

2. Asking her about weird habits prompts the joke “Do you have all day?!” She always has to keep things neat, constantly checks her cuticles and loves collecting things that other people might find a bit bizarre. These things include tea cups, embossers and giant letters. We’ve also noticed her insane collection of unicorn items, which is both excessive and totally awesome.

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3. She used to be a huge Inspector Gadget fan and looked up to the character Penny. “When I was a kid I used to love Penny because she was so smart, could solve any problem, and was so protective and caring,” she says. We ❤️ Penny, too and still feel nostalgic thinking of the show!

4. She loved Penny as a kid, but now counts Julia Child as one of her more recent idols. “She just decided that she wanted to be a chef, set her mind to it and followed her dream,” Yolanda shares. We totally see the similarities between these two baking gurus.

5. She wants to take up pottery as her new hobby. As a Mother’s Day special, she actually combines these two things by making a flower vase out of cake. Now this is the type of pottery we definitely want to try.

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6. Her two favorite movies are The Sound Of Music and Dirty Dancing. She even has a funny story to share with us about the latter explaining, “Our camera guy recently played a joke on me and superimposed my head on Jennifer Grey’s head in the Dirty Dancing poster and put it up on Instagram!”

7. Although decorating unique cakes is her craziest talent, many people don’t know she also loves making ice cream and pies. We enjoy her food-inspired cakes the most, but would love to try her homemade ice cream, too.

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