These Items From Yoobi's Latest Collection Are So Cute We Screamed!

Yoobi just released the back-to-school goodies of our dreams and we couldn't go another second without sharing our faves.

Beware, these items are so cute, you might scream, too!

Pink Liquid Glitter Pouch: $6.99

Liquid and glitter in a pouch? You'll be ready for anything with this over-the-top (and amazing) accessory.

Yoobi liquid glitter pouch

(via Yoobi)


Tropical Weekly Calendar Notepad: $9.99

Staying at the top of your game this school year will be an absolute breeze with this weekly calendar notepad. Writing notes and due dates has never been cuter.

Yoobi tropical calendar notepad

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Doodles & Denim Zip Pouches: $9.99

We know how much you love to doodle in class, so why not accompany your drawings with these oh-so-adorable pouches?

Yoobi doodles and denim pencil pouches

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Pom-Pom Push Pins:$3.49

Jazz up your to-do board with these fun and fuzzy push pins. Every workspace could do with a little sprucing up, TBH.

Yoobi pom pom push pins

(via Yoobi)


Pineapple Pencil Case: $6.99

Summer might be over when you'll need this, but keep the vibe alive by rocking a delicious-looking pineapple pencil case.

Yoobi pineapple pencil case

(via Yoobi)


Stay Sweet Pineapple Academic Planner: $7.99

Stay sweeter than ever with this academic planner. It comes with all the essentials you'll need, but with a few added bonuses. There are color-in sheets for when you get just a little too bored in class. We won't tell if you won't.

Yoobi pineapple academic planner

(via Yoobi)


Pink Tropical Glitter Ballpoint Pen: $4.99

Prepared and amazing are two things you want to be all year round, so you'll obviously need this tropical glitter pen. Extra style points if you wear an outfit to match.

Tropical glitter pen

(via Yoobi)


Pink Flamingo Stapler: $8.99

This flamingo stapler is exactly what your desk needs to take it to the next level. Who said academics can't be totally fabulous?

Yoobi flamingo stapler

(via Yoobi)


Yoobi has some serious back-to-school essentials, but THESE Sleeping Beauty TOMS are definitely another school necessity.