4 Things You Should NEVER Feel in a True Friendship

Friends are the people we turn to when we're fighting with our S.O., when our family is driving us up a wall or when we simply just want to feel good.

Unfortunately, no relationship is perfect, and friendships are no exception—so it's only natural that you and even your closest pals get into the occasional disagreement or take a little break from hanging out.

That said, being annoyed about something a friend did is one thing, but if a situation with someone results in you feeling deep pain, there's something very wrong.

Keep reading for four things you should never feel in a friendship:

1. You Should Never Feel Lonely

Has a situation with a friend left you feeling completely alone? Does it feel like the world is crashing down on you because you and this friend are currently on the outs? Have you reached out to the friend to clear things up, only to have them refuse to talk to you? If they know you're incredibly sad about a situation and you're left feeling abandoned because they won't have a conversation with you about it, that is not okay. Codependency is toxic behavior, and creating distance from this person is the only way you can hopefully develop a healthy outlook on your relationship.


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2. You Should Never Feel Betrayed

Has a friend crossed a line in your relationship with no ability to go back? Some things just aren't forgivable, as much as you wish you could revert to the way things were. A stab in the back is much different than an annoyance that can mend with some space. No real pal will betray you, and if you're feeling this way, you've got to call this friendship quits.


3. You Should Never Feel Despair

Do you feel absolutely devastated based on a situation with a friend? Do you feel completely unmotivated to do anything productive because of them? If someone has the power to make you feel this low, they are absolutely not someone you should have in your life. Going off of No. 1, your life should not be centered around any one individual. You should certainly take your friendships seriously and care if you're not getting along with someone you're close to, but you should also be totally able to function without them. Feeling emotions of despair is 100% uncommon in any healthy relationship.

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(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


4. You Should Never Feel Worthless

Do you feel like your relationship with a friend defines you, and if you're on the outs with them, you no longer matter? Are you constantly comparing yourself to this person, and lessening your value based on their accomplishments or lifestyle? Even if the person themselves doesn't say anything to make you feel bad, if you feel worthless in this friendship, you've got to get out of it.

Constantly comparing yourself to anyone has absolutely zero benefits. Instead of wasting your energy on what they have, take up some new hobbies or embark on some new activities that will force you to acknowledge your own unique interests and positive attributes.


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